Sandadas Coperahewa’s Lifework

A Bibliography of Published/Unpublished Work by Sandadas Coperahewa (1923 – 2022)

යුර ෝපා කලාරේ ලුහුඬු ඉතිහාසරේ සිංහල රපරැළිය හා යුර ෝපා කලා රහළ කලා සසදුව (1958)
[The Sinhala Translation of R.H. Wilenkski’s A Miniature History of European Art and a Comparative Study of European and Sinhalese Art]
 රෙරේ හිමි සෙරුව ( 1991) …. [A commemorative poem on Ven. Pamburana Metteyya Thera of Vajirarama]
 ජගේ කලාකරු කතන්ද – 1 : රලරයෝනාරදෝ දා වින්ි (1992)
 ජගේ කලාකරු කතන්ද – 2 : ෙයිකල් ඇන්ිරලෝ ( 1997)
 ජගේ කලාකරු කතන්ද – 3 : ෆාරයල් ( 1998) …………………. A series of books on World famous artists – Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael 

* දහම් ගැට ොලා විව ණය ( 1993)………….. A commentary on the ancient Sinhala didactic poem Daham Geta Malava 

* යුර ෝපා කලා ඇගැයුෙ (2003) …………. An appreciation and commentary of European Art

* නවගමු රේවාලරේ පේතිනි ඇදහිල්ල ( 2006) …………. The Pattini Cult at Nawagamuva Devala – with an English resume

Edited Works:

සමරජීව කිවිඳුන්ගේ වියොවග රත්නමාලය (2010) …….A critical edition of Sinhala poem Viyovaga Rathnamalaya by poet Samarajiva

Spoken Sinhalese for Foreigners by Edwin Ranawaka (1988)

* හොඳ නම් – ටී. එස්. ධර්මබන්ධු ( 1989)

Unpublished Works:

* පිය වියොව (පැදි)

ආසියා එළිය (Light of Asia සිංහල පරිවර්තනයකි )

* තෙල් කටාරම් ගීය (තේලකටාහ ගාථා)

Daham Geta Malaya – A Poem of Doctrinal Riddles, Translation Notes and Comparative Study

* Parangi Hatana – English Translation and Introduction

A THOUGHT from Michael Roberts

A scholar with the requisite skills should join Sandagomi Coperahewa in serving up the English translation of PARANGI HATANA …..

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  1. ANeMAIL NOTE from DAVID GRAHAM in Mount Lavinia, 19 June 2022:
    “I had no idea Coperehawa was such an erudite fellow. I was in Mr. Coperahewa’s class in the 6th grade at St. Thomas’s College, Mount Lavinia (Lower 4D they called it for some reason), in 1962. Mr. Coparahewa–immaculately attired in a white drill suit, always completing his sartorial ensemble with a dark necktie–entertained us with ghost stories and acted out scenes from William Castle’s 1960 supernatural horror movie, 13 Ghosts. He was also fond of drawing Veddahs on the blackboard with chalk, regaling us with tales of the v=Veddah chieftain, Tissahamy.

    Fast forward to June 1998. My boss had sent me to San Diego to cover an educational conference for the Apple website. My hotel in the city’s gaslamp quarter overlooked the yacht harbor. I was sipping a beer and watching the evening news when the coiffed anchor announced the death of the king of Sri Lanka. Turns out it was Tissahamy, the 104-year-old veddah chieftain Mr. Coparahewa had spoken of 36 years previously. It was a surreal moment.

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