Hambantota: Multi-Purpose Port of the Year for 2021

The Hambantota International Port was named “Multi-Purpose Port /Terminal of The Year 2021 & Port Infrastructure Development of the Year 2021,” at the recently concluded Global Port Forum (GPF) awards earlier this week.The Awards ceremony, held at the Shangri-La, Dubai, brought together organisations and professionals from across the world’s Ports & Terminals industry, to a gala event, where the highest contributors of 2021 were recognised.

HIP won two of the most coveted awards, ‘Multi-Purpose Port / Terminal of The Year 2021’ and ‘Port Infrastructure Development of the Year 2021,’ after a stringent process conducted by the forum to select the most deserving in each of the categories. Global Ports Customers and Senior Port Experts from the Global Ports Council made up the prestigious panel of judges who were involved in the shortlisting and selection process.

Tissa Wickramasinghe, COO of HIPG who received the award on behalf of the port, said that winning 2 key awards at such a prestigious forum speaks of the commitment and dedication of the HIP team, and validates the services offered by the port to its customers. “Being recognised as the Multipurpose Port/Terminal of the year is an important milestone achieved by the Hambantota International Port, as we are not only well positioned on the maritime map, but have partnered with one of the best port operators in the world, CMPort. The synergies that come from these two, coupled with the dedication of our expert team, bring immense value addition to the global logistics market. Development work in all port sectors from port services, marine services, energy hub, Port Industrial Park and Integrated logistics are in various stages of development and completion, and as we look at the readjustments in the supply chains after pandemic lockdowns on the east-west routes, this multipurpose port presents a new and dynamic option for investors and customers alike.”

The Global Ports Forum Awards established with the goal of furthering interests of ports through collaboration amongst members of the international port ecosystem has as its primary objective, to recognise and award the most valuable contributions made to the industry. Being held in Dubai, which is the centre of Global Maritime activities and the hub of major trade routes, is another hallmark of the GPF Awards.

Source: Hambantota International Port.



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4 responses to “Hambantota: Multi-Purpose Port of the Year for 2021

  1. sachisrikantha

    Wow! what a topically relevant item, related to this week’s (May 9th) development of Mahinda Rajapaksa’s helicopter run to the Trincomalee port, escaping from the wrath of hoi polloi. Why he couldn’t go to Hambantota ‘multi-purpose port’ deserves some attention!

  2. Not in China's Pocket

    Excellent. This is a well-deserved win for Sri Lanka that recognizes the success and achievements of those involved in the Hambantota Port.

    The Belt Road is one of the great success stories of our time. We can find many successful outcomes to the BRI if one cares to look at the experiences of participating countries from Europe to the Global South.

    Unfortunately, much of the debate and discourse generated around the Hambantota port has been dominated by American disinformation that has led too many commentators down the garden path. We have seen false-flags such as the absurd ‘debt trap” narrative being played by the Americans which is one of the great lies of our times. In truth, the BRI is a fair and equitable program, far more so than anything ever created by any Western country, which has brought much of the growth and prosperity around the world.

  3. Chandra Maliyadde

    Competitors would have given more marks for keeping the strategic port inoperative since the inception

  4. Bernard Fernando

    They would have surely given marks for multi-purposes such as ‘storing paddy’ and ‘Drying up paddy and other grains on the run-way’ !!

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