Darkness to Light in the Midst of Covid in Hambantota

Sarath Wickremasinghe of LIONs CLUB to ANDUREN ELIYATA

Dear Mr. Chandra Fernando, Project Officer, Anduren Eliyata – Darkness to Light Inc., Australia.

Dear Sir, …………………Our expected projects in Hambantota had to be postponed several times due to the health regulations prevailed in the country, and  finally we were able to implement the project on 05.01.2022. 50 Solar Power Units donated by “Anduren Eliyata” were given to 50  families recommended by Col. Jayarathne.  Recipients of Solar Units were very grateful to your organization and requested us to thank you on their behalf. Thank you very much for the services you do for the needy people.

We had a small delay in getting the video clip and that was the reason for the delay in sending the same to you. Lion Kusum Amaratunga who is in Australia these days informed me that she contacted your organization  and sent you the photograph of the banner and some other photographs in advance.

I am forwarding herewith the finalized video clip (Youtube Link –  Donation of Solar Power Units – Hambantota) and extremely sorry regarding the delay. I am forwarding herewith the video and a few photographs for your information.

The Lions Club of Peliyagoda is very grateful to ‘Anduren Eliyata” organization, for giving 50 sets of Solar Sets to be given to needy students who were studying with the help of traditional oil lamps for the second time. A special  thank to you and  Mr. Brian De Visser for your help. Hope we would be lucky to receive more solar power units in the future also, so that we could help the needy people in the rural areas.

Thanking you, Yours faithfully,

Lion Sarath Wickramasinghe

30th January 2022













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