Sri Lanka’s Financial Crisis


Sri Lanka’s Exposure to ISBs to 2030 (International Sovereign Bonds)

This table of International Sovereign Bonds (ISBs) taken shows facts and figures to put some perspective and truth into the economic crisis situation in Sri Lanka.


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2 responses to “Sri Lanka’s Financial Crisis

  1. Chandra Maliyadde

    Sri Lankans are awaiting a disaster to befall. Tsunami, Internal conflicts, Covid19, Ukraine war ……..

  2. Brigadier (Rtd) Ranjan de Silva

    (1) Why is the “Truthseeker” afraid to declare his identity especially if he is seeking the truth?
    (2) Pandemic engulfed the whole world;not only Sri Lanka. India was one of the worst affected. Media showed pictures of dead bodies all over. Indian economy is growing at over 6%. This is just one example. What is more India is helping Sri Lanka. We are eating thanks to India.Our buses, trains, cars are running thanks to India.
    This “Truthseeker” is not helpful to the Sri Lankan people. He must be seeking the “truth” for someone else.

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