Kota Uda: Imran Khan and Sri Lanka?

Accidental Likeness       

This cartoon captures Imran Khan’s situation recently ….. and could easily be extended metaphorically to depict Sri Lanka’s parlous situation — see TRUTHSEEKER’s revealing analysis – https://thuppahis.com/2022/04/11/sri-lankas-financial-crisis/#more-60661


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6 responses to “Kota Uda: Imran Khan and Sri Lanka?

  1. Chandra Maliyadde

    Imran Khan was removed democratically. Gota go home will be removed by a whole nation.

  2. Ananda Wijesinghe

    Gota , MR and their whole family should quit: the 225 in Parliament should consequently quit, as per the historical agitation of the masses today. The whole SYSTEM should go.

    • And THEN? ….. the PEACE of the GOTAMA and JESUS CHRIST will descend magically on the land. !!!@#$!

      • as an additional NOTE read and digest TRUTHSEEKERS’s incisive clarification of the principal causes of the present parlous situation …. a clarification and analysis that was something of a revelation to me [though I had realised already that the COVID maelstrom had had a horrendous impact on the economy]

  3. dickie bird

    Russia is the only pivot that could get India/China & Pakistan/India tuning on to the same wave length.
    Also, saw Saudi Arabia & UAE rebuff the West on increase output request.
    West is struggling to keep Turkey in their bank..
    It appears Hungary is in out of step with EU, a worry to the Western Alliance
    Macron is fighting to stave of Le Pen at election on with a 2% lead halfway.
    Then Macron in touch with Putin & also providing French guarantees of Security to bring the the War to an end providing an exit to the Two Valdimirs.
    Imran Khan paid the price of visiting Putin & the very Army that helped him to be the PM, its leader suddenly tilted to the West.
    Nawaz Shariff’s brother sworn in. That mean NZ back in to the political fold?
    Would CHINA WANT TO loose Pakistan & Sri Lanka at the same time to be a spoke to thir belt & Road initiative? NO.
    Did the West fail in SL? Did their alleged link man BASIL fail to deliver & oust MR to the Premiere Post? He succeeded into the Ministry of Finance and bring in an American NFE LNG provider from outside the tender proceedure. What was next?? PM post & then ?
    Who is the next STOOGE the West promotes in SL?
    Hopefully not for the next (02) years. SL can bring in an Interim Cabinet of professionals/ Intellectuals for now & wait for any right signals from China..
    What moral right have the Americans to preach Democracy when they spent $$ 3/4 Trillion on weapons for the military in 2021.
    A press Investigation of UN found nearly 2000 allegations of Sexual Abuse & Exploitation by Peace Keeper personnel around the World. Over (12) year period, (300) involving Children [The Guardian-2015].
    What Michelle Bitchalete UNHRC permiting in Geneva? To bring SL to her knees before the Western Alliance, a sinister move on the pretext of Democracy?
    So much going on…………………please spare @ 500 by sending it to a loved one which will enable SL to raise some F/C. – Thank You.

  4. Wow….! Do appreciate this Dickie Bird’s dick….!!

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