The Horrendous Record of Western Manipulations in Recent World History

Fair Dinkum, responding to the Global Times item in Thuppahi entitled “China on the World Stage: A Judicious Assessment,”…..

We need to move to a new narrative about China, but also a new structure for the world, and not allow Western defence or military establishments to play language games over China, just because the rise of China doesn’t suit them. To take one example, in an article published in the US “Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy” journal this year titled “Cold war Redux: The West Loses Africa’s Horn” – just thinking about the title says much about colonialism. From the 18th to the 20th centuries, African nations were colonialised and carved up by the Britain, France, Portugal, Germany and Belgium for their own selfish gains. They did the same in Asia, the Middle East and South America. They were all Western powers.

After WW2, the peoples of Africa gradually gained their independence. In other words, they were free nations – free to choose their own destiny, so it is no longer a question of whether the “West loses Africa”.  African peoples should be free to choose their own destiny without being guided, controlled, or manipulated by the US, France, Germany, Britain, Portugal or any other nation. Yet the West still feels Africa should belong to them strategically. That is what is meant by a “cold war mentality” in which the world is viewed as a playground for Western control.

We have a world democratic authority. It is called the United Nations. But for many years, the US, Israel and some EU countries have shown they don’t accept it as a forum for resolving world issues. They ignore the UN, and seek to unilaterally impose their own agendas, claiming they represent “The Greater Good”, or that global organisations such as the UN or WHO need “reforming”. By “reforming”, the US mean these organisations should come under their control, with all key appointments of Westerners sympathetic to US global interests.

What we see over and over again is that Colonialism is so deeply entrenched in Western countries, they still retain the same 18th century mindset to this day and can’t get rid of it. We need a new structure for the world – one in which Western countries learn to accept the West is no longer living in the 19th century; that the world can no longer be treated as a stage for Western governments to play their games, seeking to advance and control countries around the world.

The US needs to be reigned in. It is a nation out of control. Since WW2, their behaviour has been appalling. To mention a few instances:

  • The US backed a military coup d’etat against democratically elected President Salvador Allendein Chile in 1973, because they thought they were losing control of South American countries. They didn’t care about democracy, and after Allende killed himself in the Presidential Palace rather than be taken alive, we saw a right-wing dictator generate havoc in Chile for decades. We need a memorial to these victims and a database cataloguing those who were killed, so the US crimes can face their crimes.
  • In 1978, the Italian Secret Service, right wing politicians and the CIA manipulated the Red Brigades to assassinate the President of the leading Italian Christian Democratic Party, Aldo Moro, who had been Prime Minister of Italy (from 1963 to 1968 and 1974 to 1976), because the US didn’t agree with his policy of greater democratic power sharing in Italy.
  • The US were behind the overthrow of democratically elected governments in many countries, including toppling the Najibullah government in Afghanistan in 1996; and a leftist government in Iran in the 1950s. The US and were involved in the removal of President Suharto from power in Indonesia in 1965, because, like Aldo, he sought to achieve greater democratic power sharing in Indonesia. The CIA provided lists of names to the Indonesian military which led to the killing of millions of people simply because of their political views, or because they were “perceived” to be leftists – though many were just peasants.
  • We still don’t know the true story behind the assassination of Kennedy who had many enemies and rogue officials inside the CIA who desperately wanted him removed. CIA officials also hated Bobby Kennedy.
  • The French government committed terrible war crimes in Cameroon with over 300,000 people being deported, tortured and executed in a 25-year campaign to “save the country of communism” as Félix Moumié left-wing movement sought independence for Cameroon. In 1960, Felix Moumie, an anti-colonialist, was assassinated by poison in Geneva.
  • The CIA were also behind the 1961 assassination of Patrice Lumumba – the democratically elected Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.



We could go on like this for 100,000 pages describing similar cases. The list of US-Western crimes against the nations of Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America is too long to go into a comment, but it reads like the history of the modern world, and still goes on to this day.

In 2005, in the same “Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy” journal mentioned above, the editor Gregory Copley published an essay titled “One China?” Once again, the White Knight of America rides into Asia in an attempt to police and control things they have no right to control. What is a US defence journal doing making judgements about cultural and political matters relating to China and Taiwan?   It is the same colonial mentality of the 18th century living on today.

We cannot take at face anything a defence or strategic policy institute claims. They only think about one thing: their own Western interests.


Jean-Peirre Page

That is why counternarratives on China by Maxime Vivas, Jean-Pierre Page, and many other fine intellectuals are critically important in today’s world which is totally saturated in Western propaganda, with the same objectives as the cases listed above. Nothing has changed.

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10 responses to “The Horrendous Record of Western Manipulations in Recent World History

  1. I’m always amused by the pro-China scribblings of this ‘Fair Dunkum’ guy. This individual hides under a pseudonym, for selfish reasons. I wonder whether this individual is a Chinese agent, spreading biased views.

    Many of us know the dirty deeds of CIA, for decades. Will Fair Dinkum, provide the names of the CIA equivalents of Chinese government, and how they operate in other countries? Will this individual also let me know, their significant role in Pol Pot’s regime of Cambodia between 1975 and 1979, and how they had destroyed Buddhism in Tibet since 1959, in the name of amalgamation?

  2. EMAIL RESPONSE from “Fair Dinkum” 31 Decemebr 2021:

    I am not sure of his or her point. Is this attack on China and myself meant to excuse the US? If so, it is pathetic. The points this person makes are baseless and irrelevant to the issues I raised – it is a distraction, and they offer no argument.

    The accusation that I “hide” under a pseudonym is dishonest. It has nothing to do with being selfish. That is a preposterous suggestion. We live in dangerous times and there are good reasons to use a pseudonym as evident in their claim I am Chinese agent which can destroy people’s livelihoods.

    I am not a Chinese agent – another baseless accusation. This guy must be a CIA agent. My interest is in the truth and working towards a better world without colonialism in its ugly forms. What is theirs? I have no connections with the Chinese government.It is stupid to make such an accusation which is typical of Western propaganda.

    You cannot compare China with the USA when it comes to overthrowing governments. China has not intervened or overthrown any country, other than perhaps Tibet – while the CIA have overthrown or undermined over 70 governments since WW2 causing death and destruction on a massive scale that is evil, and the US is never held accountable which allows them to continue. To excuse the US by trying to draw a comparison with China is fallacious. This critic has missed the point of my essay completely, and doesn’t care about the real issues.

    This year, China eradicated extreme poverty, lifting about 100 million people out of misery; while in the US in 2021, about 43 million Americans still live in extreme poverty. And by exploitation methods, the US continues to contribute to world poverty and vacine discrimination just so it can make a fast buck – a fascinating comparison.

    Why doesn’t this critic focus on the issues I raised and put up a counter argument without the ad hominem attacks, rather than distract readers with this nonsense. We need dialogue, not stupidity.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the CIA are not already making plans to overthrow the new democratically elected government in Chile, as well as other newly elected governments in Boliva and Honduras.

    However, I am satisfied to see that my article needled this critic into vomiting out a series of absurd ad hominem attacks, which offers nothing but rancid hot air.

  3. EDITOR’S NOTE, 31 December 2021: ” without endorsing every point made in Fair Dinkum’s Response, let me stress that I am aware of his dientity and the fact that his location in the Antipodes means that he could be the target of Aussie and American security agencies. I stress too that he can converse in Chinese.

  4. Sachi Sri Kantha

    Hello Michael,

    I accept your Editor’s Note, in the spirit it is made. Simultaneously, I’m also much impressed by the ‘thin skin’ exhibited by Fair Dinkum by his ending sentence, ‘vomiting out a series of absurd ad hominem attacks, which offers nothing but rancid hot air.’

    The three points I raised in my comment, (1) activities of CIA equivalents of China in other countries, (2)The Chinese influence of Pol Pot’s regime (1975-79), (3) destruction of Buddhist influences in Tibet, are historical facts, that also deserve scrutiny, isn’t it? Why Fair Dinkum shuns from these facts, and cast aspersions on my commentary with insinuations?

    How will Fair Dinkum respond to the following news item, presented in the link below?

    Unlike this ‘anonymous’ individual, my political activism as a Sri Lankan Tamil has been open, since 1977, and I DON’T hide under a pseudonym.

  5. Sachi Sri Kantha
    “my political activism as a Sri Lankan Tamil has been open, since 1977”.

    So, you may be the “Third Eye”, rat from Japan. You done a great job for all breeds of Tamils in the world. You picked an article from an Indian sewer print “The Print” to free Indian Union from killing innocent Christians, Easter bombings.
    The LTTE, JVP and Zaharan are Indian terrorist outfits. India exploded similar bombs during the Indian Central elections in occupied Kashmir.
    Lat month India killed 14 or more innocent Christians in India occupied Nagaland. No more overseas money for Saint Theresa work in India.

  6. sachisrikantha

    I respond to John Smith’s comment. I guess, you are familiar with the Sinhalese proverb ‘Pirunu kale diya nosele’ [Empty vessels make much noise.] Amen.

    • Caste, Indian parasites sucks others off who are around them whom the parasites consider as untouchables. Whether they are in Ceylon or Japan or any where else or whether they wear a Christian coat or other they are parasites of the world. Not different to other parasites of nature.

  7. I appreciate John Smith’s bluff, which instantly provides proof to the Sinhalese proverb I quoted previously – ‘Pirunu kale diya nosele’. By this guy’s logic, how about tagging Mahinda and Sanghamitta (the progeny of Emperor Asoka) from India, as the ‘Original Indian parasites’ to land in the Blessed island called Taprobane.

  8. They were invaders, not parasites like those of you who were carried all over the tropics by the impotent British.

  9. Which history book read by this John Smith guy records that Mahinda and Sanghamitta (the progeny of Emperor Asoka) from India, are ‘invaders’? ‘Pirunu kale diya nosele’ is proved again. I retire my case with this note.

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