Pragmatic Christian Compassion: The Basilica in Tewatte converted into A Covid-Patient Ward

Courtesy of communications from Avril Thurgood, Helen Fernando & Moninna Guanwardena ….. stressing the Revd Malcolm Ranjith’s Pragmatic Benevolence in These Hours of Covid-Threat



)Let’s hope that those of other faiths including non-RC Christians who have large churches that remain almost empty throughout the year, will emulate. this course of action. For the sake of balance, however, I ought to mention that our prelate’s compassion  extends only to those of his flock. This ungodly discrimination ought to be considered with two other facts that are probably unknown to the authors of your piece — one, that the ‘Basilica’ converted to a Covid ward (displayed in your images) is equipped with facilities comparable to those at the grandest upmarket private hospitals in Colombo where a one-day stay could costs anything up to 100,000 rupees, but are not affordable even to equip our larger General Hospitals (except in a few of the ICUs).
A = Note that ALL such hospital , needless to stress, are open to all, regardless of ‘faith.
B = Further, note another fact (conveyed to me by an impeccable source): at least a few Buddhist temples in our more remote localities have opened their ‘Sermon Sheds’ (bana maduwa) for treatment the Covid-victims with indigenous medication. 
It is the ‘holier than thou’ mindset of the Christians in the presentation above that irks me, knowing them well enough – and I am not talking ‘history’.

** Meegamuwa was raised as a Christian but I gather hehas not atended church for years.


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5 responses to “Pragmatic Christian Compassion: The Basilica in Tewatte converted into A Covid-Patient Ward

  1. Enoka Corea

    This looks like a church in the Philippines. Are you sure this is authentic?

    • Moninna Gunawardena from Galle sent it and is wholly reliaable …. I am not Ca tholic but she i. AND more to the point I am not surporisedby CARDINAL MALCLOM’s social consciense and pragmatic orientation.

  2. Daya Wickramatunga.

    The atmosphere of the church is bound to create a peaceful mind for quick recovery.

  3. dickie bird

    this is just a small gesture. In factthe Cardinal should have opened other churches as well.
    It is not necessary to make a bing ding out of this social conscience of the Cardinal.
    Only example the Cardinal has set is for the heads of other Churches in Countries where COVID is rampant.
    More can be done by Catholic & Christian Churches instead of raising black flags & walking the streets and making demands.
    We have been told to handover our problems to JESUS & Pray and HE will will find solutions.
    Clergy must practice what they PREACH.

  4. It is certainly Commendable and a true christian getsure, which other churches and other religions should emulate Nihal de

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