Sri Lanka between the Dragon and the Eagle


Fair Dikum answers CENTRAL ISSUES facing Sri Lanka++

Will SL become a battle – turf for Rising Power China and Ruling Power America? 
There is no reason why this should occur.  The US is causing problems by meddling as it tries to sabotage China’s relations with all countries for its own economic advantage. If the SL government are wise, they can keep out of it, remain neutral, and prosper in the way Singapore manages it. Singapore is a good case study for how to manage US-China rivalry.  They are strong enough to repel  US pressure.

When, how, why, Ceylon estb diplomatic relations with the USA.
I don’t know but why shouldn’t Sri Lanka establish relations with the US? I can’t see any good reason for not doing so.  China builds ports, but not for military purposes. It’s for economic growth and its necessary to ensure we can all have a better livelihood.  In fact, sabotaging China’s rise is extremely bad for the world economy…
b. Good times & bad times in US-SL relations
The underlying cause for bad times is due to US foreign policies and that they want to remain No 1.  China’s rise could mean the US becomes No. 2 and they hate the idea of China becoming a global leader, in part because of its political system,  but also because the US’s economic position could be affected, and this is what is driving them to try and sabotage China’s rise. The Chinese are very clever, and are beating the Americans as a economic power and can achieve that aim without threatening the US. China’s economic rise has brought  benefits to all countries.  The US can only hope to retain its No. 1 position by attacking China.
c.  The future 
No idea. Who can say what the future is?
++ The questions were presented to Thuppahi by a retired  Sri Lankan official

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