GoMicro at the Cutting Edge via Sivam & Jarrad

Sivam Krish and Jarrad Law in cooperation with Flinders University

“By combining our skills in engineering, product design and software development we have realized some exciting possibilities across many disciplines.   It has taken us into new areas where we have found collaborators whom we enjoy working with, opening new doors and new possibilities that we now believe can transform with AI and Phone Microscopy” — is the opening gambit in thier web site.

Our Directors

Prof. Rob LewisProf. Rob LewisThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is darren3.pngDr.Darren Oemcke


Our Advisors

Prof. Robert FitzgeraldProf. Robert Fitzgerald

Brief History

GoMicro is a venture by Sensibility Pty Ltd. We have been working together at the New Venture Institue for a few years, initially developing phone apps for Education. It became abundantly clear to us that the ever-increasing sensor, computational connectivity capabilities of the mobile phone are being unappreciated and underutilised in education; where old world equipment dictates work practices. We set out to change this. But failed, except with phone microscopy – that evolved into GoMicro. 

 Sivam Krish and Jarrad Law

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Rather serendipitously, Sivam Krishnapillai’s pater garnered his tertiary educational skills in Architecture (via the Colombo Plan I think?) in Australlia and one product of his imaginative work was the restoration of the old degraded Hannadige Louis Pieris mansion att he southern end of the Kandy Lake for the new owner, the well-known Layer Kshema Sangakkara. 


Engeltine Cottage in Kandy: The Intertwining of Three Families — Pieris, Sangakkara and Krishnapillai

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