Renovations and Pavings for Galle Fort Ramparts Today July 2020

Amateur Snaps from Michael Roberts

Western Wall southern end

southern walls

south-western bastion … out of bounds

… the work extends to the rocky and grassy area alongside one section of the western wall south of the Boy’s Bathing Place …. and encompasses restoration of drainage channels/sewers

the northern walls to the west

the north west bastion area

… since there are shade trees the paving inserted beside the eastern walls seem to be less complicated and more simplified


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4 responses to “Renovations and Pavings for Galle Fort Ramparts Today July 2020

  1. Bunchy

    Would be wonderful if they could reconstruct a faithful replica of the wooden structure of the original lighthouse and allow visitors to go up and take a look [for a fee and use the collection for rehabilitation works]. The old ‘ flagstaff ‘ which is almost exactly between the ladies sea bath and the gents [boys] sea bath [first partly destroyed by fire and later allowed to perish into rubble] could also be reconstructed to further enhance the majesty of the Fort.

  2. Two Good Ideas BUNCHY … I will pass them on.
    NB — i have two rare PIX of the old lighthouse. not sure if they will reporduce here within “Comments”

    • Bunchy

      I have a picture also of the old lighthouse but do not remember from where I picked it up. Whoever is ‘in charge’ should take an initiative and form a ‘restoration committee’ of appropriate persons of stature to coordinate, monitor and execute the restoration.

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