Dutch Bungalow Porch Frontals ….. ‘Exposures’ within Galle Fort

An Amateur Cameraman’s Wanderings today in July 2020

… with an ancient Morris Minor ‘adorning’ the porch

all this on Sri Saddharmarama Street, … while a Muslim Moor householderkindly  permitted me to portray his inner courtyard, the madha midula, in his house in Parawa Street ….

… a house in decrepit non-occupation

… houseless …. a spot occupied by nature’s bounty



… the fishermen leave the Fort with their catch …walking down Lighthouse Street

a shopfront porch at the corner of Pedlar and Lighthouse Streets


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2 responses to “Dutch Bungalow Porch Frontals ….. ‘Exposures’ within Galle Fort

  1. Patrick Rodrigo

    The mada midulas in these bungalows were great.

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