Porch Frontals at Middle Street Western End

I lived and thoroughly enjoyed my life for ten years or so from the age of Ten at 38 Middle Street in a house rented from a Muslim family. We had two Temple trees in our narrow front ‘patch’ between house verandah wall and a parapet. The street arena had  a small triangle of grass with a large breadfruit tree in the centre. THAT is no more …. and No. 38 is abandoned and decrepit — one among a [dwindling?] sprinkling in the Fort in such a state…… Michael Roberts

Then Dr Perera’s house next to ours …. father of Phyllis, Eileen, Cynthia and Tony

originally a De Vos household …now renovated in a different style

the former judge’s bungalow at the top western corner of Middle Street — long since converted to a military outpost …. with the plot in front of this bungalow now ‘occupied’ by grass and a car — when way back in the 1950s and prior to that it was the hallowed space of two tennis courts, the exclusive preserve of the “Galle Club” a Whites Only preserve belonging to the Brits and other whites of the exclusive Galle Club where the executives from the leading mercantile firms in Galle (e.g. Hayleys, Walkers, Volkaarts) and the British planters in Galle District met for recreation

…. renovated Yuck !! …down the street


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