Galle Rampart Activities …. July 2020


Renovation workers

Lovers Nook

…. and Kite flying enthusiasts

……………. bringing the soldiers out to see

…. and walking exercising earnest people



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2 responses to “Galle Rampart Activities …. July 2020

  1. AN EMAIL NOTE from PRASANNA MENDIS, 25 July 2020: “Enjoyed these photos and material immensely Mike. Many thanx.
    Just had something cited from Norah’s book about the beeg society wedding (THA Soysa and Miss Perera-Abey of Closenberg fame) in 1999. All roads led to Galle apparently. Trainloads of people had come to see Ceylon’s ‘royal couple’ of sorts – CH de Soysa’s fifth son.

    Wedding had been at All Saints Church which is prominent to this day. Saw pictures of its side in recent newspapers on the internet because the Post Office next to it collapsed…….

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