Fishermen off the Fort Ramparts at Galle … Today …. Yesterday



 ... in the 1930s …..
notice the old lighthouse at the southwest corner which burnt down in the 1930s …so this is an unique photo
Photos by Lincoln Pereira …. originally presented in Norah Roberts: Galle As Quiet As Asleep, Colombo Vijitha Yapa Publications.


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3 responses to “Fishermen off the Fort Ramparts at Galle … Today …. Yesterday

  1. Cassim Rahuman

    In the early sixties I remember seeing fishermen at the very same spots where shoals of small fish each around 8 inches long would gather in little pools – but those I think were the last days when the [rod] fishermen [from outside the fort would come to fish.

    • By chance the two fisherment walked ppast me down Lighthouse street [having come easteards down Pedlar Street in my surmise} heading ot of the Fort. BUT this wd not have been the route in the 1930s ….no such toleration in the class order THEN. Those fishermen of yesteryear wdhave reached thie fising spots by comiing from the park are aout side the Fort along the rocks of the western wall.

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