Virus Free? Playmates Horsing Around in Adelaide

FL …. 24 March

Hi Guys, This modelling by Unis Sydney shows why we need to exercise our social distancing now. This sort of modelling is a powerful tool in the fight against the virus and modelling becomes more powerful when supported by observation. Wuhan and China in general have provided that supporting observation.

And what does the orange fwit in America want to do....the exact bloody opposite.

If we’re to keep Saturday tennis, I’ll bring some hand sanitiser for use between sets.


Small groups of fitness classes are allowable it seems.


Hi Guys, I’m still happy to play but with appropriate precautions. I’ve just been to Flinders Private for a follow up on my eye problem. They check temperature for everyone entering the building. Maybe we should do the same for tennis. Have you got a fancy electronic gizmo Justin?

Having said all that I’ve tweaked a muscle in my back and hoping it will be better by Saturday.


I’ve got lots of fancy gizmos!  I’ve got a GoPro and a cordless vacuum cleaner and telephone that doesn’t need any wires and even has pictures on it!


Never thought of sticking the nozzle from the vacuum cleaner in my ear to tell my temperature. Not to mention what one does for the more accurate rectal temperature. I’m willing to give it a go but you first Rob. Please supply photo.



No NO. Not the photo.  NOT THE PHOTO!!!

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FINDING == all virus free but quite mental

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  1. Patrick Rodrigo

    The caffeine and the other chemicals in the tea leaf kills this virus, so start gulping tea down. The tea leaf has these compounds to ward of insects and animals.

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