Coronavirus: A Chinese Hand praises the China ‘Hand’

Ji Si, in China.ORG, 12 March 2020,http://” with this title Facing up to the test of our times”””

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, with Xi Jinping at its core, has led the nation in fighting a “people’s war” against the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. The situation is now showing signs of improvement.

President Xi Jinping visits Huoshenshan Hospital in Wuhan, central China’s Hubei Province, March 10, 2020 … Xinhua

The power, spirit and efficiency demonstrated in the country’s anti-epidemic campaign have won it the support and recognition of the international community, and reinforced China’s image as a responsible major power.

World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has openly praised the strenuous efforts China has made towards global epidemic control. United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres thinks China has made a huge sacrifice for epidemic control and has made significant contribution to humanity. It is the consensus of the international community that the rigorous epidemic control measures China has taken have demonstrated the country’s capacity in leadership, response, organization, mobilization and execution, which no other countries can match, setting an example to the whole world.

China has demonstrated the strong leadership of Xi Jinping and the institutional advantage of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Xi has presided over a series of important conferences, made a series of important instructions, and paid inspection to the front line.

Party organizations and governments of various levels have acted promptly, carried out targeted policies, tried to control the epidemic in a scientific way, and mobilized the entire nation to build a rigorous and effective comprehensive epidemic control and prevention system.

Nineteen provinces are engaged in one-on-one partnership with cities in Hubei province, the epicenter of the outbreak, and more than 40,000 doctors and nurses from the army and rest of the country have been sent to the front line. A large-scale hospital was built in days from scratch, and nearly 20 makeshift quarantine hospitals were opened in a short time in Wuhan, the provincial capital and the hardest-hit region. Meanwhile, Hubei have screened all of its residents and assistance materials are being transported there day and night.

These facts constitute a series of record achievements in humanity’s history of fighting against pandemics, and have shown the world the unique advantages of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the country’s governance system. The WHO director-general said that this was the largest mobilization he had ever seen. This is China’s institutional advantage, and China’s experience deserves other countries’ heeding.

This has demonstrated the Chinese people’s unity and unyielding spirit. Henry Kissinger, former United States Secretary of State, said the Chinese people were always well protected by the bravest among them. During this tough struggle, Party organizations of various levels, members and officials are fighting dauntlessly on the front, while the united citizenry appear fearless in spite of the difficulties.

Countless Chinese have joined the war against the novel coronavirus in their own way including, academics, doctors and nurses, soldiers, police, express delivery men, enterprises, overseas Chinese who have donated to the fight, officials and street sweepers. All have demonstrated their patriotism, wisdom, love and courage.

They are using their sweat, blood and, in some cases, lives to show their responsibility and duty, and to safeguard the safety and health of the people, and peace and stability of the country.

It is fair to say the epidemic is a test for the Chinese people’s spirit and will, and it is a collective forging of Chinese nation’s spirit and quality in the new era, and it will inevitably pool together the strong national power that can help realize the great rejuvenation of the nation.

China is also an example because it has demonstrated the international morality and justice that countries should help each other and overcome difficulties together. Friedrich Engels once said no historical calamity is repaid by historical progress. This epidemic has let the world know more deeply the significance of building a community of shared future for mankind, and in face of grave risks, the only way forward is through international collaboration.

That China tries its best to control the epidemic is not only to fulfill its duties for its own people, but also to contribute to the world’s public health, which has won valuable experience and window for the other countries to respond to the epidemic. China has always acted on the principle of openness, transparency and responsibility, demonstrated by its information sharing with the WHO and the international community, in its active response to all concerned parties, and in its strengthening of international cooperation.

At the same time, China has received tremendous support and help from the international community. Incomplete statistics show that leaders of more than 170 countries, over 40 international organization leaders, and more than 120 countries and over 300 parties have expressed support to China. Meanwhile, over 50 state governments, as well as countless enterprises, civil organizations and individuals have donated funds and materials to China.

Although our mountains and rivers are apart, we share the wind and moon under the same sky. Assistance and love from around the world have inspired and boosted the Chinese people’s confidence and courage to defeat the epidemic. All of the good will and helping hands will be remembered. The great war that the international community has waged against the novel coronavirus will go down in human history.

We will never declare success until a complete victory is secured. Currently, the war against the epidemic in China is at its most crucial stage, and the global situations is becoming increasingly complicated. The security of public health is a common challenge for humanity, and entails the joint response of all countries. We will meet these challenges together with the world, and pass the tough tests of these times shoulder to shoulder, so as to embrace a better future for our human community.


Ji Si is a researcher with the International Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.

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ADDENDUM from SRI LANKA, 12 March 2020

Sri Lanka temporarily halts on-arrival visa for tourists to control coronavirus spread
Wed, Mar 11, 2020, 11:07 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

Mar 11, Colombo: The Sri Lankan Government has decided to temporarily suspend the On-Arrival-Visa facility for foreign tourists until further notice as a measure to control the spread of coronavirus in the country.

“The Government has decided to suspend on arrival visa facility until further notice,” the Government Information Department said in a statement said today, a day after the first Sri Lankan patient with COVID-19 was detected.

The government also urged the public to avoid foreign travel as much as possible unless it is an essential matter.

The government’s quarantine measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the country are applicable not only to Sri Lankans from Italy, South Korea and Iran but also to foreigners, the statement said.

It is common practice to suspend the On-Arrival-Visa facility in view of emergencies in the country. Previously, the On-Arrival-Visa facility was suspended following the Easter Sunday attack on April 21 last year.

On Wednesday the first Sri Lankan patient infected with the COVID-19 virus in the country was reported. The 52-year old patient is a tour guide and has recently provided services to an Italian tour group.

The Ministry of Health also reported that an Italian woman and her husband suspected to have coronavirus infection have been admitted to the Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital.

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