Cyril Ernst greets His Generation of Buddies in Ceylon and the World

Anthony Cyril Ernst

Dear All, ….. Congratulate yourselves as you also belong to this amazing generation that experienced all these amazing things, simply by being born at ‘Just the right time!’. Please note that I checked your ‘Birth Certificates’ before adding your name to the list of recipients.

Best Era Ever…!! 💃🏻
Born in   …40’s 🍼

Grew up in…50’s 🏏
Teened in   … 60’s 💞
Learned in    … 70’s 🥇
Worked in        …80’s  ⚒
Matured in        ….90’s ✅
Gold in           …2000’s 🌄
Made it to      …2020 🥁We lived in
…….9 Different Decades.
……2 Different Centuries.
…….2 Different Millennia.We have traveled from
Biscope  to YouTube.
Gramophone to iPod.
Postman to Email.
Landlines to Smart Phones.
Over the fence to WA.
Fistfights to FB pokes.
Lunch Lines to Uber Eats.
Commuting to working from Home.
Bookshops to Amazon.
Hotel rooms to AirBnB.
Tellers to e-Banking.
And many more…..Typically, we can be termed as *”SuperXennials”* …. a “cross-over generation” of people having an ANALOG Weaning and a DIGITAL Future.

Literally…our generation has lived through life & witnessed every possible dimension…

Yes, we also
walked in Paddy Fields,
Climbed Trees,
Jumped Fences,
Threw Stones into Canals,
Drank water off the tap,
Played Marbles,
Chewed Mango,
Flew Kites,
Picnicked on Bikes,
No Tuition Classes,
Cricket on the Street.
Enjoyed the Sunset,
Friends Moms gave us Lunch if were out of home… 🥪🍌🍫🍪

Our Children rarely enjoy these, today. 😭

We are Really the  Lucky Ones. 🤸🏻‍♀

This is our generation which has  given a new paradigm to the word “CHANGE”.

Lets Thank Life for Everything we have had… 🙏

Surely… We’ll beat out the 2020’s and cross over to the 30’s… Holding each other’s hands … In Fun, Frolic & Fanfare as we’ve always done before.

To those who have departed, we say Thanks for being with us then, & RIP… till we meet again.

With best wishes…
As we have always been. 🤗🤗🙋‍♂🍁🏃‍♂💃🏻🔥

A NOTE FROM Michael Roberts:  ….. and YES, to add, what a SURFEIT of CRICKETING TALENT then in the late 1960s and 1970s … amidst limited opportunities.

Pix courtesy of Mevan Peiris


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3 responses to “Cyril Ernst greets His Generation of Buddies in Ceylon and the World

  1. G. H. Peiris

    Yes, of course. Thanks. But to be born in the ’30’s was somewhat better.

    • This controversy must be settled. I propose that GERRY PEIRIS should contest CYRIL in a table tennis match.

      WITH a ban on Buddy Reid’s presence anywhere near Cyril.

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