Cappadocia in Central Turkey … A Natural Wonderland


It is not known when Göreme was first inhabited, but it is known that there was a settlement there during the Hittite era, between 1800 and 1200 BC.[3] For many centuries, the location was central between rival empires, such as the HurriMitanniHittite EmpireMiddle Assyrian EmpireNeo Assyrian Empire, Persian Achaemenid Empire and the Greek Seleucid Empire, leading the natives to tunnel into the rock to escape the political turmoil. During the Roman era, the area became home to Christians retreating from Rome.[3] Christianity prevailed as the primary religion in the region, which is evident from many rock churches that can still be seen today.

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  1. Yes Micheal it is such a wonderland. A typical modern symbol of the period of iconoclast period of history. Many of the Hittite phallic symolism is evident if one carefully reads history and what is out there. Efus which was Ephasus under the Romans was where mother Mary had been with John the Apostle, and it is also the place that is believed to have taken Mary into heaven which is a Christian dogma, which is not in favour with other Christians. But Turkey today is land of fascination, a land where Paul was born (Tarsus) but he lived in Efus at least when he wrote the second letter to the Corinthians which was a corretor to his wrongly words first letter to the Corinthians. See his apology in the II Cor. But today its the land of Erdagon, AK party dictator of Ankara as some would argue. Free Turkey !

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