Mockery: Veils and Subterfuge in the High Mountains of the Swiss Embassy

Lalin Fernando,* in Asian Tribune, 9 December 2019, where  the title is  “Swiss strike Gold and Salman in Sri Lanka”

When God on his final inspections round the world visited Switzerland he dropped in on a Swiss farm house. The Swiss farmer was overwhelmed. He invited God in, asked him to sit and rest. He offered God a glass of delicious milk. God thanked him for it. The Swiss farmer said ‘God please don’t thank me. You have given us everything people can want. We live in the most beautiful and richest country in the world. There are beautiful lakes with plenty of fish, high snow capped mountains that give us protection, green fields for us to farm and provide fodder for cattle, gushing rivers and an invigorating climate. I have a large family and everything we need. Thank you God’.

NOTE — my attempt to place photos of Herr Ambassador Herr Hanspeter MOCK drawn from web were defeated by the embargo attached to his PIX on web. Wow! Halleluyyiyah! Swiss barriers on free speech?

After a short rest, God got up to leave. The Swiss farmer said ‘excuse me God, you forgot something’. God checked and said ‘nothing’s missing. May I go please’? The Swiss man said ‘Of course but God you haven’t paid me for the milk’.

So what’s happening in the Swiss Embassy in Colombo which is not Istanbul and Inspector Silva is not Khasshoghi? But Silva is missing after visiting the Swiss Embassy. Then there is a maiden having hallucinations, not outside but inside the Embassy. While there is no Salman there, Ambassador Mock wants an air ambulance to transport that wretched girl to the airport so that no SL doctor could help or a policeman find out whether that girl is ill, alive or dead.

Did Salman think as smartly –asking his host country to actually do the transporting and by air?

So SL has a case where a European Embassy grants asylum to an Asian police officer, a witness in many ‘high profile’ cases and may also be an accused. He disappears. Immediately thereafter one of the Embassy local staff, a Ms Francis claims to have been kidnapped on the road in day light, threatened, abused and had sensitive data down loaded from her phone. Curiously the Ambassador not the ‘victim’ reported the alleged kidnap not to the police but to the Foreign Ministry. He wants a thorough investigation done without a complaint by the alleged SL victim or providing any evidence. Is this how they do it in Switzerland? Will the Swiss dare try this lark in the West, Arabia, Israel, India, China, Pakistan or anywhere else?

What happens if as in Istanbul, that Sri Lankan lady in the Swiss embassy dies? Will Mock have a Swiss expert to conduct a post mortem examination and send the body in a diplomatic bag by air ambulance to Switzerland?

Salman, are you listening?

It now appears that there is nary a scratch of evidence from any source, GPS, CCTV (in the Japanese Embassy close by to the alleged kidnap place), phone records, Uber or any witnesses or from Mock. Will the Swiss Embassy also offer its escape services to other law authorities (judges?) witnesses, accused police officers and failed politicians to flee the country. Will it be followed by endless allegedly kidnapped and escaped women who want to follow? What is that worries the Ambassador that much that he doesn’t want the alleged victim to make her complaint and not even testify? Is there something that needs to be hidden?

Now what about the Swiss? They are not just watch (Omega and Rolex) and chocolate makers. Most know that Swiss banks were and are long favoured repositories of capital for unstable countries, offering to keep secret any corruptly acquired accounts too.

Few know that the Swiss government collaborated with Nazi Germany during WW2 to prevent Jews escaping genocide. They benefitted from gold, cash and art works of murdered and gassed German Jews. So how many of the 6 million deaths of Jews in death camps were due to Swiss malfeasance?

Why has the Swiss government now announced that the LTTE is not a terrorist organization? Has it got anything to do with what a now dented dentist got 2 men in disguise to state on TV before the Presidential elections that they transported ‘7,000’ (!) tons of gold from Jaffna to Colombo. Has a local in the Swiss Embassy conned Mock that the asylum seekers from Jaffna are the claimants of that gold?

A Swiss police chief Rothmund proposed to the Nazis that all Jews should have the letter J printed on their passports to distinguish the Jews from the gentiles and so deny them admission to Switzerland during WW2. They therefore ended up in death camps instead. The Nazis who thought they had worked out the ‘final solution’ for the Jews could not believe there were people more evil than they.

In 1998 after over 50 years of denial Swiss Federal President Raz Villgen said We bear a considerable burden of guilt for the treatment of Jews by our country’. It took Switzerland 55 years to exonerate Police Chief Grueninger of St Galler Canton who defied Swiss regulations and aided thousands of Austrian Jews to escape to Switzerland in WW2. So in Swiss law, thwarting genocide was a crime. Is it a wonder that LTTE murder accused are given asylum there?

Switzerland enriched itself from Jewish murders. It was the favorite haven for Nazi banks to secure money stolen from Jews and their safe deposit boxes. Swiss banks did secretive business with Third Reich Nazi officials. Royalties from Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ were also deposited in Swiss banks. The Swiss purchased gold directly from the gold reserves of occupied countries’ banks and from individuals and gold dental fillings from Jewish corpses. Himmler sent a special train loaded with jewellery and art objects stolen from Jews for the proposed Fourth Reich and deposited $ 100 million in Swiss banks as accurately given in Frederick Forsyth’s ‘Odessa File’. Does Mock know or not know where the LTTE’s stolen gold, cash and jewelry went?

Swiss commercial, and industrial firms, like the well known Bally shoe company acquired Jewish shops. Diamonds were stolen from Belgian Jews under Nazi occupation and stored in Swiss banks. Thousands of Belgian firms and Art works were sold to Swiss dealers. Insurance policies of Jews amounting to SF 900 million were stored in Swiss banks. Claims for redemption were denied as ‘death certificates’ were not available (from Nazi death camps!). Safe deposit boxes of Jews, almost all dead now, were not included in the assets of Swiss banks and remain unopened.

Under pressure from the West for over 50 years the Swiss were ordered to release ill gotten gold, jewelry and cash. Switzerland then craftily gave $ 400 million to the International Red Cross stationed in Switzerland which during WW2 was indifferent to the plight of European Jews. “It was “a gift from those who did not own it to those who did not deserve it”. Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) and Societe de Banque Suisse (SBS) – still have Holocaust victims’ deposits. SBS said they have $49 million yet. This is a gross underestimate.

Hoping to assuage Western public opinion, they in 1996 returned just $32 million of an estimated several hundred million dollars. US President Clinton found Swiss capitalists collaborated with Nazi Germany and held 3,000 Kg of gold worth US $ 58 million. Only $12 million were returned to occupied countries banks. Ribbentrop got 15 tons of gold out before Russia took Berlin of which 6.5 tons went to USA and 2 tons to Britain and the rest are still with Swiss banks.

The most wanted Nazi war criminals Mengle and Eichmann escaped with Swiss help. Has Switzerland hidden LTTE and Tamil gold together with their surviving members too? After all who ever has it, LTTE, GTF or not, tens of thousands of dead Tamils can also no longer claim it, like the Jews.

Swiss GDP is the 20th in the world (2018). Yet Swiss aid after the Tsunami when 30,000 died in SL was just $ 8.1 million. According to their records it aided 9,000 families but it was clearly ‘not a major deal’ according to the then Swiss ambassador.

The Swiss are the only Europeans to have a Jaffna office. Their collaboration with the SL government is mainly on’ Migration’ agreements! Asylum guarantees cheap and plentiful labor.

The GDP per capita for Switzerland is $ 80,189.70 (2017), India is $ 2,172, SL $ 4,065.22 and China $ 9,776. India gave a grant of $50 million just for national security. China wills double that. Switzerland that interferes in SL’s governance and national security through Quislings must struggle to justify its presence in SL.

So where does Swiss Ambassador Hanspeter Mock stand? Especially after it appears he is lying through his teeth. Is it to denigrate and humiliate SL and promote his ‘migration’ efforts? Wonder why God never visited Switzerland ever again, the land of milk and profits from illegally appropriated Jewish gold and black asylum labour. Moch for God’s sake beat it, by air ambulance or on a witches broom.

SL does not care.

– Asian Tribune –

Lalin Fernando is a retd Major-General, one who was a Sandhurst trained. I had the good fortune to meet himat a dinner at the Cinnamon Grand hosted by another Sandhurst rained officer, a Brit of Sri Lankan descent named Sir Desmond De Silva [alas now deceased]




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