Keenan and ICG are Handmaidens for US Interests

Jean-Pierre Page[1]

You know off course that Keenan is a mercenary and his Crisis Group are a cover of the CIA dealing with strong US interests in Sri Lanka? The Crisis group is one of the richest and most powerful of the so-called NGOs. It is supported financially and officially by all western governments, various institutions and people like Soros (a well-known international crook, strong supporter and organiser of colour revolutions), the Carnegie and Rockefeller Foundation, the NED, and several transnational corporations among them BP, etc.

It is interesting to make up an annotated picture of the affiliations of the “official” list of the trustees: you will find a good shortlist of  “who’s who” among the pro-liberal and pro-US people in the  world hostile to the sovereignty of Sri Lanka, strong supporters of Ranil and Mangala and the implementation of the UNHCR 2015 resolution. Just like HRW or Amnesty, where you will find the same kind of personnel, these people are all in favour of a strong and brutal implementation of R2P and advocates in favour of “hard power”. 

How can anyone expect this type of organisation to be “neutral”? How can one negotiate with such guys? YET, that is precisely what some polticoes and some voices in Sri Lanka were proposing when they argued for a new foreign policy for Sri Lanka?

A FURTHER NOTE from Michael Roberts

In response to my request for bibliographical documentation of the ICG links to Western government agencies and to the dealings of Soros, Jean-Pierre indicated that he was in Europe and tied up with other tasks and provided this Short Note

“Regarding Soros it is publicly known that his Foundation, viz., “the Open Society,“ has been active in Sri Lanka since 2015. Soros was the first guest invited by Ranil to speak at a conference in Colombo right after the regime change. Soros has been involved in the organisation of colour revolutions In Ukraine, Kirghistan, Serbia, Arab spring, Venezuela, etc.. Soros is also linked to the foundation of the Mont Pellerin Society which has been involved with Milton Friedman and his Chicago Boys in the implementation of ultra-liberal economic programs in Chile with Pinochet, UK with Thatcher, in the US with the ‘reaganomics’ of Reagan and, more recently, in Brazil, Argentina, Sri Lanka (see numerous articles by Tamara). Ranil is a member of the Mont Pellerin Society.

The Crisis group is closely linked to the National Endowment for democracy . Reagan who was the founder of NED was used to say “the NED is doing what the CIA can’t do”. Many articles and references about that but I have no time to look at it. We are in Europe now and very busy.” ……………………………. Michael Roberts

ALSO SEE ….. …. AND note that Jean-Pierre has been Tamara Kunanayakam’s partner for quite some time and that both of them lived in Battaramulla for the last five or six years. I stayed there one night some years back when interviewing Tamara and became friends with their dog, Hombrito, now sadly deceased.



KEENAN and Roberts … A Note by Michael Roberts

Let me note here that my friendship and interaction with Alan Keenan goes way back – well before I met Jean-Pierre and Tamara. I was introduced to him by Jehan Perera at the latter’s flat at Dickman’s Rd around the year 2000 or 2001 when I was heavily involved in the Marga Workshop series on “Ethnic Reconciliation.” My politics then were firmly liberal democratic and pro-West. Nor had I reached the firm conclusion THEN that Pirapāharan and the LTTE were a dead-end in the ‘reconciliation stakes’ – an opinion that became definitive in my mind after my visit to Kilinochchi in November 2004.[ii]

The latter political verdict did not alter my perception of Keenan and we met on some occasions in the 2000s. I recall a dinner at a Chinese Café off High Level Rd, but cannot place a date to that event. I have also met Gareth Evans of ICG at an academic gathering in Adelaide (year when forgotten). In that period, I treated the International Crisis Group as a body of well-meaning do-gooders.

But shortly thereafter, a more questioning perspective on the ICG and its like took seed in my mind after being witness[iii] to Rama Mani’s operations at ICES in 2009 and after digesting Gerald Peiris’s critique of R2P.

That change in perspective and a recent bout with Keenan in social media engines [which I will now place in the public realm soon] have led me to a more sceptical appraisal of Keenan and the ICG. However, I am still not convinced that ICG is an operational engine for the US and UK governments (that is, their stealthy, back-room agencies). I would like to see documentation for that contention (while being aware that hard evidence in such arenas is not easy to locate).

THAT is what I seek now via this open forum.

****  ****


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[1] This note was sent to Michael Roberts after he circulated the review article by Alan Keenan on the results of the Presidential election. The title for this memo from Jean-Pierre Page has been coined by The Editor Thuppahi, who has also provided a few editorial refinements in the author’s composition.

[ii] When in Kilinochchi I had been introduced to Ramesh the Commander of the Tiger Propaganda Operations on 27th November 20004. I then found out that he had moved from Kilinochchi to Mullaitivu in December 2004 to “prepare for war.” Thereafter, my continuing work on the Tiger and Tamil commitment to “sacrificial devotion to cause” deepened my political pessimism and my grasp of the Sri Lankan scene. Also see

[iii] I was in Sri Lanka in January 2009 for the Galle Literary Festival and had first-hand access to some of the events within and around ICES.


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