Faroe Islands …… Far, Far and Away

The Faroe Islands (/ˈfɛər/FaroeseFøroyarpronounced [ˈfœɹjaɹ]DanishFærøernepronounced [ˈfæɐ̯øːˀɐnə]), or the Faeroe Islands, is a North Atlanticarchipelago located 320 kilometres (200 mi) north-northwest of Scotland, and about halfway between Norway and Iceland. It is an autonomous territory[8]within the Kingdom of Denmark. The islands have a total area of about 1,400 square kilometres (540 sq mi) with a population of 51,783 as of June 2019.[3]

The terrain is rugged; the climate is subpolar oceanic climate (Cfc)—windy, wet, cloudy, and cool. Temperatures average above freezing throughout the year because of the Gulf Stream. As a result of the moderation and the northerly latitude, summers normally hover around 12 °C (54 °F). Average temperatures are 5 °C (41 °F) in winter.[9] The northerly latitude also results in perpetual civil twilight during summer nights and very short winter days.

Between 1035 and 1814 the Faroes were part of the Kingdom of Norway, which was in a personal union with Denmark from 1450. In 1814 the Treaty of Kieltransferred Norway to the king of Sweden, on the winning side of the Napoleonic wars, whereas the king of Denmark, on the losing side, retained the Faroes, along with the two other historical Norwegian island possessions in the North Atlantic: Greenland and Iceland. The Faroe Islands have been a self-governingpart the Kingdom of Denmark since 1948.[10]

The Faroese control most of their domestic affairs. Those that remain the responsibility of Denmark include military defencepolicing and the justice departmentcurrency, and foreign affairs.[11] However, as they are not part of the same customs area as Denmark, the Faroe Islands have an independent trade policy and can establish trade agreements with other states. The islands also have representation in the Nordic Council as members of the Danish delegation. The Faroe Islands have their own national teams competing in certain sports.



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