Dr R. L .Spittel within the Dutch Burgher Union

Being treated to lunch in the august upstair chambers of the Dutch Burgher Union by Fabian Schokman opened its ‘treasures’ to my eyes. These amateur photographs convey three ‘tales’ to those interested, two pictorial, one written.

More professional versions of these photographs, and yet more, can be found in the site (copyright protected) known as THREE BLIND MEN: https://threeblindmen.photoshelter.com/gallery/Dr-R-L-Spittel-Collection/G0000si3DuR4gYS4/C0000ho.zxgezp.w

Dr Richard Lionel Spittel (1881-1969) is best known for his work among Sri Lanka’s aboriginal Vaddas (also spelt Veddas, Veddahs). See Wild Ceylon (1924) and Far-off Things (1933). He also produced a book of poetry called Leaves of the Jungle and several novels:

  • Savage Sanctuary(1941)
  • Vanished Trails(1950)
  • Where the White Sambhur Roams(1951)
  • Wild White Boy(1958)
  • Brave Island(1966)

FOR more information see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Lionel_Spittel –from where this photo is derived

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