Sleeper Trains: The Way to Absorb the Landscape

News Item in Sunday times, 7 July 2019, with this title “Sri Lankan Railway revealed as one of most beautiful sleeper trains in world”

Travelling by sleeper train has long been a glamorous and exciting way to see the world – allowing one to fall asleep in one country and  wake up in another feeling refreshed and ready to explore. But which sleeper trains are the best value?

If you’re looking for a sleeper train that won’t break the bank when getting from A to B, the best value route is the Trans Siberian Express, which takes you from Moscow to Vladivostok. This 6,152 mile long trip across Russia costs just £131 altogether for a single occupancy ticket, making it the best value for money on the list.

Another sleeper train which hosts spectacular views at a very reasonable price is the Sri Lanka Railway from Ella to Kandy – which is a grand total of 85 miles. This 6-hour journey will only cost a total of £3.80 and the train route is top of most travellers’ lists when they visit Sri Lanka, as it is both a beautiful and affordable way to see the country.

If a taste of luxury and class is what you’re looking for, The Maharajas Express (Indian Panorama) is the sleeper train for you. The Maharajas Express, bestowed the World’s Leading Luxury Train award at the World Travel Awards for seven consecutive years from 2012 to 2018, is a journey like no other. However, this bucket list experience comes at a cost. This seven day (168-hours) trip will set you back £8,305 in total, but with deluxe cabins, restaurants, bars and world-class service, you can see why some people would invest in this ultimate form of travel.

The Caledonian Sleeper – which recently launched £150m new fleet trains in April 2019 – takes passengers from London to Scotland with promised comforts and the opportunity to wake up refreshed at the opposite end of the UK. The 443 miles between Euston, London and Inverness, is joined by coastal views and spans through major cities – such as Glasgow and Edinburgh – but with 11 hours to spare, passengers will have time to get some much-needed rest too at £240 a ticket.

With so many sleeper trains across the world to choose from, which location will you wake up in next?


Beautiful sleepers

The Trans-Siberian Express sleeper train – running from Moscow to Vladivostok – is revealed as the best value sleeper train with the lowest cost per mile, costing only £131 for a week-long trip

A must for travellers, the famous Sri Lanka Railway trip from Ella to Kandy is 2nd on the list of best value sleeper trains, at just £3.80 for a ticket

The Maharajas Express is the most expensive train on the list, costing £8,305 for a seven-day trip

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