Wakes in Australian Churches for Terror-Victims in Sri Lanka via Lankan-Aussie Initiatives

Sri Lankan Australians in all the cities  have initiated gatherings to grieve and honour those killed in the merciless attacks on Churches and hotels in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday 2019. I reproduce one notice from Dr. Charitha Perera, Hon. Consul for Sri Lanka in Adelaide. I will be adding illustrative photographs from some of these events in the next few days and request friends to send striking snaps of these sad moments of ANGUISH and REMEMBRANCE (coinciding as they do with the reflections of ANZAC DAY).

Dear Sri Lankan Associations/Community Leaders/friends in Adelaide

We are all shocked and affected by the tragic events that are happening in Sri Lanka. I just returned from Sri Lanka and the physical and psychological suffering of those affected back home is unimaginable. The people in Sri Lanka at this moment are feeling insecure, angry and scared.  The support we have received from the people of South Australia has been heartwarming and I have attached the letter of condolence sent by the Hon Premier of South Australia
Now is the time for all Sri Lankans living in South Australia, irrespective of which religious/ethnic/cultural group that we belong to, unite as one and help those affected in our motherland. I therefore appeal to all of you as community leaders to work together in facing the challenges ahead.
As you are aware there will be two memorial services, on Saturday 27th April 4.30 pm at the Adelaide Sri Lanka Cultural Hub and on Sunday 28th 5.30 pm at the St Francis Xavier Cathedral. I kind request you to inform your members/friends to attend these events and express your support.
There have been several requests to contribute/collect money to help those affected. If you are planning to conduct any fundraising activities, I suggest that we get-together and help each other with those activities and contribute to those in need as the Sri Lankan Community in South Australia. 
Finally, I am aware of members of our community who have family/friends directly affected by this tragedy and I urge all of you to look out for anyone in need of help with counselling or just a friendly chat.
I am happy to discuss with you as always
Kind regards

A few days earlier LEON KEEGAL sent me this notice from The dean of St Peter’s Cathedral in Adelaide

Sri Lanka
This special edition of Cathedral eNews comes in response to the bombings in Sri Lanka. A good number of our Cathedral congregation have close family ties with people in Sri Lanka affected by the bombings. The Cathedral will be open for silent prayer and candle lighting tomorrow (Wednesday) evening, 5.30 – 7.00pm. If you are able come and spend a few minutes in prayer alongside other Cathedral people




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