A Grand Felicitation in Print for KD Paranavitana

This volume is presented to an eminent intellectual of our time; Prof. K. D. Paranavitana. He is probably the only expert in Sri Lanka in both Archaic and Modern Dutch. He is a World Authority in Archaic Dutch and was honoured by the Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. He has contributed an enormous amount of original work relating to the period of the Dutch occupation of maritime districts of Sri Lanka. This felicitation volume is dedicated and presented to commemorate the awarding of the D. Litt. (honoris causa) to him, by the University of Rajarata. …. Dr. C. G. Uragoda

During my first visit to Sri Lanka, in February and March 2000, I had the privilege of meeting Karunasena Dias Paranavitana, the honoured to whom this volume is dedicated. The same visit gave me the opportunity to behold the rich heritage of the Dutch East India Company (Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie or VOC), preserved in the National Archives in Colombo. These archives are at the very centre of the scholarly work of Paranavitana, who took the trouble of making himself familiar with the Dutch language, a prerequisite for researching these archives. The Dutch Burghers of Sri Lanka no longer master the language. Hence, it is with great pleasure that I contribute to this Felicitation Volume.’ …. Prof. Jan Hallebeek

‘Professor K. D. Paranavitana has not only written important works on the Dutch Period in Sri Lanka that has influenced my own writing, but he also has been associated with the National Archives. These archives as well as those in Europe, such as the British Library are replete with popular Sinhala texts that constitute an enormous resource for understanding our past.’ ………….. Prof. Gananath Obeyesekere

It has been my privilege to know Professor Paranavitana for many years, since I began research on my second book. At that time Professor Paranavitana introduced me to many valuable materials in the Sri Lanka National Archive, without which I would not have been able to conduct my research successfully. His intellectual generosity has been shared with many other colleagues also, both Sri Lankans and foreign academics. His willingness to support the research of others has not come at any cost to his own productivity. I congratulate Professor Paranavitana on his many intellectual accomplishments and contributions to research.’……..Blackburn, Prof. Anne M.

EDITORIAL CONSULTANT = Prof. Emeritus Vini Vitharana


HONORARY EDITORS = Prof. Emeritus Gananath Obeyesekere

Prof. Emeritus Laksiri Jayasuriya
Prof. Emeritus W. I. Siriweera
Prof. Leelananda Prematileke
Prof. Theo Thomassen
Dr. C. G. Uragoda
Dr. K. D. G. Wimalaratne
Prof. Sena Nanayakkara
Prof. Chandana Withanachchi
Dr. Sanjay Garg
Dr. Peter Orlovich
Mr. Hemantha Situge

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ISBN 978-955-30-9035-5
First Print 2018


Prof. K. D. Paranavitana
Felicitation Volume© K. D. Paranavitana

ISBN 978-955-30-9035-5

Page Setting by
Prasad Fonseka

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Nilupul Priyankara
(S. Godage & Brothers (Pvt.) Ltd.)

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Colombo 10,

Sri Lanka.

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Chathura Printers
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Sri Lanka.





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