Videos of Naseby and House of Lords UNHRC Debate, 5 February 2019

Videos of Naseby’s UNHRC Debate 05/02/19

Lord Naseby
Lord Framlingham

Lord Low
Lord Sheikh
Lord Northover
Lord Collins
Lord Ahmad (FCO Minister)
WHOLE DEBATE in sequence
Cornhill (Con) to a House of Lords #SriLanka Debate (05/02/19) on a question raised by Lord Naseby:
To ask Her Majesty’s Government, following the resignation of the government of the United States from the United Nations Human Rights Council where they co-sponsored with the United Kingdom Resolution 30/1 in 2015 and Resolution 34/1 in 2017, in regard to Sri Lanka, and given the progress made towards many aspects highlighted in the resolutions, what assessment they have made of whether to annul or withdraw those resolutions.”

Full Hansard Report:

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One response to “Videos of Naseby and House of Lords UNHRC Debate, 5 February 2019

  1. At least one B ritisher has feelings for a country robbed by thr British..

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