As Ominous As Ludicrous: Snaps Epitomizing Our Politics in 2018

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THE TEXT in English translation

The massive victory of the people in the challenging election campaign on the 8th of this month. Their goal of the people’s expectations and hopes for the victory during the triumph. There were many prayers and thoughts in the past three years and a half. There were many cordial incidents I am pleased with the basically happiness, and I believe that we are joining the people of the country, and we are not sure how far ahead we will not be able to get talks with the expected place. How long will it be possible to select the first cabinet after 2015 victory? From the time of our election manifesto, we pledged our commitment to the scientific foundation Although the election manifesto had been appointed, an expert group has been appointed and carried out the tasks, but I do not know who did it. It is not known who was the most vulnerable in a series of incidents that happened in the past, Independent Commissions Establishment of the 19th Amendment I see only the progress in what happened in the establishment of independent commissions. I am seeing the great political situation I see today and the appointment of independent commissions from the 19th Amendment as well as to the extent that the Constitutional Council was justified by the person whom I appointed to appoint in the other positions of the country. The methods that are being built are Mahinda’s Inspector General of Police I do not think that the Supreme Court has the right to appeal to the Constitutional Council of the Supreme Court. I have not been granted any of the names of the senior judges. It’s just the name that says it deserves it The judicial discipline of the judiciary in the judiciary has been unfair. Therefore, the question arises as to how neutral the manner in which the panel is appointed in appointing the judges is neutral and neutral. It is questionable that tomorrow we have faced a lot of things that have been very harsh Is Mahinda Rajapaksa’s government After the defeat of a President of the country for the first time, the grave mistakes of the government that existed in the Mahaweli system, especially those of the people of the country, had been under siege of the people of 6.2 million 60 . The main thing about this is corruption and fraud.

Second 5 min of the speech

The people of the country are the people who opposed the corruption and fraud, and the most important thing in them is that they have elected a people’s government. 2015-01-08 The Central Bank robbery, which took place three months ago from its hill, in the cases reported in the course of 2015, It has been corrupted. It has utterly set the expectations and aspirations of the people. Good Governance Political Concept I was telephoned to the Central Bank of Sri Lanka this morning and asked him about the phone. Did the President make the keynote address during the recommendations recommended by the Commission, how can we say that the financial value of the Central Bank robberies can still be said to be a public one Not many years have happened in the report, the two thousand seven The economic experts on the Commission’s report have summoned me over the past week over the past week that the king had been involved in a massive robbery of bank robbery. The robbery of the Rs. 30 billion person who has not been tracked by any commission report has been clearly raised by Arjuna Mahendran. It was a bit frivolous but it was me As a week after being appointed to the Court, I am not aware of the fact that I am not aware of the fact that I am not aware of the fact that I am not a conflict and that such incidents happened in the country like the huge unusuma in the political circles of the masses. In this situation, the Central Bank staff became uneven When I was at a tough heat, I decided to go to the Central Bank to the Central Bank. When the Prime Minister came to news that I was going, he asked me to go to Central Bank. He said that under me the Central Bank had been in charge of the Pope’s office. Mahinda is with the Prime Minister when I went to see if I could go because I was the president, but I am real There were suggestions to Mr. Mahinda I took one hand to his face in a partial history of really has to hand the program did not run like they did not need the strength of the gang Commission President backed CID investigations against officials

3rd 5min.

The pressure came upon them and listened to the phones of the inspectors and examined them for the investigation. Finally, the commission issued a notice calling the phones to check the phones of the suspects in the company of the prime minister’s ministers. Where did they call the whereabouts? Issuing Inspection Officer An investigation was launched as a result of such a situation, it is most regrettable for many years of punishing those who were accused. President Mahinda Rajapaksa lamented that the central bank robbery presented to the parliament by the Parliament four days ago was necessary to punish the offenders. The Commission of Bribery Commission recommended to the Attorney General’s Department Bribery and corruption charges 5 months before the end of the parliamentary debate, Mahinda Rajapakse to become prime minister five days ago Five days before the debate in parliament, there was a lot of time for the amendment, there was a lot of conflicts. Actually, if I say so to the Prime Minister, Despite all the gleams, He was acting in the same manner in the IMF’s agreements with the Prime Minister. In the same way, he acted in the capacity of the President. If the majority of mandates given to the Prime Minister by the 19th Amendment were completed by the end of the recommendation of the Prime Minister, it was specially mentioned when the relevant agency was actively involved in the matter. ship Īma amendments should be sometimes in those amendments, I

4th 5 minutes

It is a legal duty to act according to the advice of legal experts and economic experts to see if it is possible to amend the amendments. I must state clearly that in this regard, we are dealing with these experiences with regard to the matter of settlement of the future work system. This transaction is by Dissanayake and Executive Executive and Legislature I am happy that this issue is not happening for me. I am thankful to Karunasena for the leadership of all political parties. In every discussion that was called to settle the issue, Mahinda Rajapaksa, the SLFP parliamentarians and their constituent parties, were in the SLFP boat My name is TNA. I’m from the United National Front The most remarkable support given to them by all the leaders of the party is the environment in a democratic country, sitting down the most important features and roadblocks, and resolving these issues, but we failed the executive and the legislature to solve the issue. Therefore, the Judge’s father looked at the Court’s Judgment. I looked at the public. Scholars What is the Prime Ministers of Parliament in this matter It is the nature of the criticism regarding the removal of vacancies, because I made the gazette notification that I was a lawyer. The law professors involved in this solicitude involved in the sole purpose of the judiciary are Nimal, who appeared on behalf of the party, on behalf of the party. President’s Counsel and Legal Adviser

 5th. 5 min

Also President’s Counsel Joined the top legal experts of the country. They discussed all the gazettes they had come to sit here and when this gazette was issued it appeared as a lawyer appeared on behalf of the same party. A public opinion emerged. The United National Party I know We said that we had only one vote at home, the National Party, the United National Party and the United National Party A TASK In the case of participation in all the games, people are trying to solve the problems. The best way to solve this problem is this corrupt parliament. New MP, we had the chance that the voting power of the people would not be lost due to the majority of the people. Today we still have a court decision. We talked about things with these backgrounds in the past In the question of how to create the future with these people, during the time period, I have to say that I have different social forces in my questions. In every country, the political forces of a religious religious culture are more powerful and habitable. It has come to a standstill that the culture is clearly over political ideology to overthrow governments to make governments in the country Especially about not only the elephants and elephants but also the Buddhist cultural fun of me. I made it very clear that these elephants and tuskers did not take any action regarding this matter. Let’s not do this for this purpose. This is not the whole Bhikku community. Similarly, if the main thing is to clearly identify the three forces, I was arrested because I was a war hero in a country that was engaged in a war in a country that defeated a brutal terrorist movement like Prabhakaran. I did not say that it was always said that our army is a disciplined and decent army. Our forces should be punished. However, our military was Prabhakaran’s own Children International President nissunṭa people

 Last part

Premadasa When we were very high commanders of the forces and when we were dead, our political leader Amirthalingam Lakshman Kadirgamar Nilantha explained clearly or katata. I have to say that these issues have been raised with these issues these days and you have broken out like your speaker Hansy’s press conference Your MPs said that they carried out the attack on Mahagamasekara Mawatha President Chandrika Kumaratunga has signed the Indo-Lanka Accord and has taken over the entire country for the whole country. President Mahinda Rajapaksa defeats him but no one is saying. Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa told me to do so As well as seeing the criminals in the country who have been living in the country, the bleak people who are poor in the country have made that statement and therefore I have not seen you in the conspiracy to cultivate. There is no conspiracy. There is a lot of facts about this. Because there were police, there was a lot of progress in the investigations, but unfortunately The question is whether the CID is pardoned at the time of the conspiracy to assassinate the President and the extent to which the judiciary did not object to an inquiry into the killing of the President. Therefore, with the investigation, such a report, such a report, is a very good violation of the correct advice The unclean motive is political Because I am voting for the 2235 parliamentarians in this House, I voted in favor of the 155 more votes in the Parliament, because I am convinced that the people’s sovereignty is the evidence of the people and accepted the country as well as the world and I will be punished in the event of a court case. What is my motive? The majority of votes in the Parliament are more than 122 I was told that I did not have a relationship before and I was attacked by the other Polonnaruwa theater in Ambalangoda. I was on the verge of being in the first place. I believe that in the first place, I realized that my life was filled and dumped into the Dhammo At one point, Rakkathi Dhammachari said that he was attacking one of my images 4-5 innocent people were killed in the attack Prime Minister was released from prison Number of innocent people killed in the Boralasgamuwa attack on Prime Minister Utuwankande by the Royal Premedera jumbo junction jumping into the Harsha law My wives and children were interested in it Dist vehicles had to live long house were running a country that many opportunities. I voted for the best possible way to solve the political crisis through a clean, unclean motive. I made a statement to the 122455 members voting in parliament. Parliament was sworn in. Decisive Sovereignty. I gave the gazettes more than 155 lakhs more. The vote is a people’s sovereignty It is because of the fact that I accepted what I did in the proposal I brought, and if I was to punish me for what I had brought in, I would not be guilty of doing anything that I did in the purest motive, and you punished me. The impeachment But, the history of history has been used by the courts to decide such decisions. What is my motive? I know that if I knew it, the trees were dead. I was attacked by saying that my name was given without any connection. Unna Theater in Ambalangoda. I was kicked again. I was at home. The first God was in the Dhamma by Rakkathi Dhamarachchi. When I come into a religious life for a life of a life of righteousness i will. I 4 killed innocent people killed in premature attack in Boralasgamuwa plus 5 killed in premier transfer Perrera statue hit us Junction We were voted into jumping at the time the LTTE came up and thumped me Than I went to a place where my wife and a son were born I can not hear anymore 2015 I know that when I want to do it, I will be silent whenever I see my security as you did in the government like yours. MPs call me by phone. Some people met me. I told Perera that we all went together this journey. But I see this trip. Therefore, I give the most powerful parliamentarian to the most corrupt politicians There is a cabinet board and we expect that it is not my name that varadi karya is abused by the political concept of good governance that was given to the people of the country, because I have donated it and made all my dedication to the vote of the great majority of the United National Party who voted for me. Do not know, this is how these lands are completely alienated I do not think the internal rule of the administration is so good. I do not think it is a lucky country to say that it is a lucky country to say that this country is a lucky country when we encircle this march. Therefore, there is a politician without corruption in the country. A group of people wanting a political movement is talking about building a country that needs a good business to talk about A completely unsuccessful political concept of good governance that strives for the country that values the country’s cultural values Religious doctrines that are aware of the country’s cultural values Social values systems that have been cultivated in a society A group of people who are capable of building a country can not do this Hiru leaders can not do so. You can say that Ranil Wickremesinghe is the parliament As I said when I asked to be the Prime Minister in the 225th time, this was the reason for the impetus. I said 225 that the Prime Minister never existed in the Parliament to appoint him as the Prime Minister of the country. The President’s Law was unethical and fair to Parliament’s 117th Parliament Speaker F I respected those who met in the Parliament I decided that the life of a prime minister would be a sign of a gratuitous society for a democratic society that I see as a characteristic of a moral society


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