Sunil Vijayapala’s Terse Comments on the Crisis in Lanka & the Samarasinghe Article

Sunil Vijayapala, in Email Memo to The Editor, Thuppahi …. partly a response to the article which SWR de Samarasinghe presented in three outlets including Thuppahi

A= There is no solution other than going for a general election, which might materialise.

B = Tourism is not a solid dependable income, it depends on so many factors – a single bomb going off in Colombo is all that takes to reverse the flow.  Besides it’s all cheap shit arriving here – lower end tourists – hardly a good investment.

C = Kindly do not ever talk about IMF – It is constituted by a set of Anglo-Saxon conspirators!  who have ruined most countries. It is possible that probably the CIA is behind them.  as was the case with the planned murder of Sirisena.

D = We Lankans we need to start to produce our produce ourselves and then we need to restrict imports or impose a higher levy and argue the morality behind promoting our exports!! a perfect catch 22!

E = A third force is the answer for all this, but its too short a time for an effective campaign.  Hopefully, Pellewatte (SDP) and Kodituwakku and UPM and Sarvodaya plus environmental groups can form a political front to face elections, if all things go well.

A BIO-NOTE on SUNIL VIJAYAPALA: Sunil Vijayapala has returned to Sri Lanka after living/working in Canada (dual citizen) and Australia, now resides in Kandy. For his letters/articles/blogs, surf the internet – Lankaweb, The Nation and the other newspapers in Sri Lanka etc.  A Chemist/IT by profession now an active environmentalist and fervent anti-tribalist who will be in the background of the United Professionals Movement (UPM) in Sri Lanka….

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