Meeting Anne Abayasekara and Her World: Reflective Words

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                       TABLE OF CONTENTS


    The spoken word

Brief address to the Rotary Club of Colombo Mid-City

We have been blessed so that we might be a blessing to others (Edited)

Induction Address – Vice President Methodist Church (Edited)

    One spot, beloved over all

Day of glory after a night of glamour

Are you guilty of an act of omission?

Telling it like it is

A plea for our common humanity

Voices of Jaffna

A visit to Jaffna

Why I weep for thee, O Lanka

What do we tell our children?

A Sri Lankan nation- can we make it a reality?

Who is a Patriot?

There’s only one topic today

Violence against women –what can we do about it?

Terrifying ‘traditional ritual’: Why is it permitted to go on and on?

Am I a Sinhalese first and a Sri Lankan afterwards?

A home in the midst of the horror

Reflecting on our common humanity

Why I am not ready to light any crackers – as yet

Three cheers for an uniquely Sri Lankan project!

Keeping our lawyers alive!

An open letter to the Defence Secretary from an ordinary citizen

National Anthem in Sinhala & Tamil

We can but hope and pray

It can never be goodbye

    All about Eve

Need we educate our daughters?

His Mother and You

Calling all tired housewives

Do ‘University’ Women pull their weight in Society?

Voice of Woman demands to be heard

Charmaine’s success story

    Where the heart is

Life with father and mother

When there were no zoos, planes & cinemas

Delight in simple things

A trip back in time

The power of positive thinking in marriage

Asela comes of age

If I were giving a homily

    As others viewed her

Jayantha Somasundaram – Remembering the lady with the lamp of conscience

A G R Tampoe – Tribute to Anne

S Wijewardene – True values of Life

Professor Charles Sarvan – A dear and respected friend whom I never met

Siri Ranawake – An enduring friendship

Dr Gladys Vanniasingham – Anne


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How does one BECOME Sinhalese or Tamil in Sentiment?”….. Michael Roberts with Anne Abayasekera’s response in the spirit of the essay also reproduced below.





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