Queen Elizabeth at Trinity in 1954

Sheshan Abeysekara in Trinity College web site, where the title is “Queen Elizabeth II’s visit to Trinity in 1954”

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II must have fond memories of her first visit to Sri Lanka in 1954.  As well as visiting Colombo during the ten days she spent here, she also visited Kandy to watch the Perahera, and while there, she was felicitated at the grounds of Trinity College Kandy before she was escorted to the historical “Magul Maduwa” to be welcomed by a delegation of Kandyan Chiefs.


Picture: “The Mayor of Kandy welcoming the Queen at  the Trinity College main entrance drive.” | Picture Credits: GettyIma

It is a very little known fact that this ceremonial felicitation was done at the grounds of Trinity College Kandy because it is often referred to as the “Municipal” ceremony in all the documents appearing on the internet. The  following are a few images extracted from the internet and the Trinity College Archives of the ceremonial “Guard of Honour” which was staged at Trinity College premises (Trinity College car park at present):


Pictures (Above & Below): Trinity in 1954 and Trinity in 2018




Picture: The Mayor of Kandy, Mr. E.L. Senanyake escorting the Queen through the College premises (College car park at present)


Picture: “Guard of Honour”


The above picture is from a diary compiled by Mr. Kingsley Thenuwara (an Old Boy from the 50’s) now at the Trinity College Archive.


Picture credits: GettyImages

“The Queen being felicitated at the Trinity College premises (at the steps between the College Main Hall & the car park in present)”

There are no other documented details of this visit to Trinity College Kandy as it was not an official visit by the Queen. However, we came across a video footage (first 13 seconds of the video) of the Queen being escorted in a car through the Trinity College main drive. Video Credits to British Pathe……

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  2. Rex Olegasegarem

    I recall this momentous visit in Colombo. As a member of the Scout Troop in ST.Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia we lined up near the stage at the Colombo Municipal Council receiving the Royal Couple. Both the Queen and Philip (Duke of Edinburgh) passed us and we were very impressed by the very handsome Philip. The Queen was also a good-looking person.

    Rex Olegasegarem

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