The Geneva Juggernaut and the Yahapalanaya Complicity

gyou-11A Panel Discussion entitled “Geneva and You” was organized by the civil society group Sri Lanka Inc. on 29th September 2016 at the Sri Lanka Foundation institute. The event aimed to educate people about the US led UNHRC Resolution which was co-sponsored by Sri Lanka by exploring the events surrounding the adoption of the resolution and its possible impacts on Sri Lanka as a whole. In this manner the aim was to stimulate discussions on the issues developing from this process.

The line-up of panelists expressed concerns about the nature of events surrounding its adoption and current setting. While all the panelists agreed on the negative aspects of the resolution, views differed on the overall reality behind its adoption and ultimate implementation. The event was chaired by Chamithri Rambukwella, former 2nd Secretary to the Permanent Mission to the UN in New York. The speakers and panelists were Natasha Gooneratne Maurice, Fr. Vimal Tirimanne, Chris Dharmakirti, Dr Palitha Kohona and Dr. Dayan Jaytilleka.

gyou-11-rambukwellaChamithri Rambukwella opens the panel  gyou-11-audienceA segment of the audience


A Circular Notice sent by Chris Dharmakirtii after the event with You Tube Video documents of the five panelists in voice (see attachments below)

We are most thankful for your presence at “Geneva & You” on 29th September at Sri Lanka Foundation Institute and hope you found the event valuable. We are pleased to forward you the excerpts and content of the speeches delivered by our eminent panelists for your reference.

  • Natasha Gooneratne Maurice:“Introduction to UN Resolution”
  • Vimal Tirimanne:“There is neither legal nor moral justification for ‘War Crime’ probes in Sri Lanka”
  • Chris Dharmakirti:“Absence of institutionalized professional decision making in Government” 
  • Dr Palitha Kohona: “Implications of the UNHRC resolution and Has Sri Lanka responded appropriatel?”
  • Dr Dayan Jayatilleka:“Analysis of the Geneva 2015 Resolution in relation to the National Interest”

You will also find the full videos of the speeches uploaded on our Facebook and YouTube channel via:

Should you have further clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We hope you will stay connected with Sri Lanka Inc and attend future events of national interest, which we hope to organize in the coming months.

Thank You and Best Regards , Sri Lanka Inc. 

gyou-11-tirimanne  Fr Tirimanne speaking gyou-11-chrisd Chris Dharmakirti speaking






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Dayan Jayatilleka’s presentation at this gathering is available at Colombo Telegraph under the title The Geneva Resolution: The Real Reasons & The Real Target” ... and one is likely to find a lively discussion therein .


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