Stefan D’Silva displays his Discoveries in Word and Image

Tripedia’s Interview with Stefan D’Silva,  …… with the following opening: “Stefan D’Silva is from the pearl of Indian ocean; Sri Lanka. He is a passionate traveler who has trotted in almost every part of his country. This interview is a reflection of his enthusiastic travel life. His website is storehouse of life styles, cultural patterns and geographical elements. – See more at:”

At Kala Oya Stefan at the Baobab Trees on the banks of the Kala Oya inside Wilpattu NP

A sample of one image deployed in this travelogue

trinco cove 2 A cove and hide away at Trincomalee. “The ship is actually a war relic. We were told by our guide at the time It was damaged by a female suicide bomber who ‘rode’ a torpedo – or something similar in design — and crashed into the ship. It lies idle in a cove between Greater Sober Island and Sober Island. There is a gaping hole in its side”–Stefan. Some of Stefan’s images from the arduous climb to KurullangalaKurullangala 8gana

SIDE SHOT: … with Sinhala commentary

Derana discovers archaeological site with intricate cave drawings

ANOTHER PERSPECTIVE: with yet another Sinhala/Singlish  commentator, breathing hard, and beginning with a reference to a “suddhek!’ –apparently Stefan ! … and another reference to “the Sherpa,” — apparently one Ananda Welikala

Sri – Conquering the Legendary Kurullangala, Karandagolla (2015) – 3 of 23

Published on Jul 7, 2015

Visiting the Mysterious Cave Paintings of Kurullangala located in Karandagolla Village off Ella-Wellawaya Road about 15km from Wellawaya. They are not carbon-dated thus not able deduce how old they are. The folklore believes they go back as far as the Legendary King, Ravana the Great.  However these paintings have a resemblance to the Aboriginal Paintings found in Australia.  Getting to the Cave is extremely difficult and needs all the strength you can gather and it’ll test your stamina to the limits.

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