Aiyo!! Aiyo!! Aliyo! Parey Val Aliyo!

ALIYO-Pic by Nayanajeewa Bandara Pic by Nayanjeewa Bandara

Wasgamuwa_elephantAstride the Road at Wasgamuwa – Pic by ??

IMG_0713Just a gambol — Pic by Janaka Gallangoda IMG_4117 Thus far and no further— Pic by Janaka Gallangoda  IMG_5275One way to cleanse thyself Pic by Janaka Gallangoda


Munching lunching time at Yala–Pics by Michael Roberts


RAMBO 11 A Bum feeds Rambo at Uda WalawePic by ??

RAMBO 44Rambo at it again–Greedy Bugger! — Pic by ??

elephant at YALA 1A free spirit at Yala Pic by Willy Thuan elephant at YALA 22

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  1. Arun D. Bandaranaike

    Am not so sure the “Willy THUAN” captures of the frolicsome juvenile is in fact nearby Yala (or even in Lanka’s beach). My guess is that it is from another Asian locale.

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