Spice and Bite beneath the Scotsman’s Kilt

What is worn under the Scotsman’s Man Kilt?

Q 22

Growing up in English-speaking middle class circles in Galle, with the prudery and conservatism characteristic of those times in the 1950s, one of the word games during outdoor chit-chat on th beaches and streets of the town was the question above posed as challenge where the respondent had to come up with the title of a song that was as FUNNY as APPROPRIATE. ….. So,

Q. What is worn under the Scotman’s Man kilt?

Ans. “Bounce Ball Boogie!”

Q. What is worn under the Scotman’s Man kilt?

Ans. “Swing round the Maypole Darling”

 …. et cetera et  cetera … as we see below

Q 33

Q 44

Q 55

Alas, the Queen did not have our Vantage Eye View of the Scotsman to her Right!

PS: Apart from a choice of popular songs today, one can extend the reach and use the titles of Sinhala songs….say, ‘Hai Hoi Babi Aaachigey Bisikal Eke”

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