The Several Faces of Today’s Australian Jihadists

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Yusef Ali Amira Ali, nee KarroumMohammad Ali Baryalei

ISIS advance - lake house

NEIL PRAKASH Neil Prakash aka  Abu Khalid al Cambodi — Pic from

Mohammad Ali Baryalei Mohammad Ali Baryalei

23-year-old Roger Abbas from Melbourne 23-year-old Roger Abbas from Melbourne was killed in crossfire in Syria in October 2012. The Melbourne kickboxing champion was killed near the Turkish border during a skirmish.

Yusef Ali Yusef Ali,  the 22-year-old from Redcliffe, north of Brisbane, who was found dead in a bullet-ridden house in Syria in January 2014 …. Amira Ali, nee Karroum Former suburban Gold Coast girl and Sea World staffer Amira Ali, nee Karroum, was killed with her husband, Yusef Ali, in Syria

Sydney born Zakaryah Raad  Sydney born Zakaryah Raad appeared in an Islamic State recruitment video calling Australians to Jihad. The video said Zakarayah had died a martyr following filming.

Abu Nour al-Iraq Abu Nour al-Iraq, left, appeared in a propaganda video for Islamic State. He is an Australian insurgent but his true identity remains unknown

Al Mustapha Al Majzoub, of Bankstown, Sydney, was killed in a rocket attack in Syria while fighting in Aleppo on behalf of terror group Jabhat al-Nusra, who are battling the rival Islamic State in Syria

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