“Jihad,” “Martyrdom Operations” and Mohammed Atta’s Injunctions in the “Last Night” before 9/11

Dcook See David Cook, “Suicide Attacks or Martyrdom Operations in Contemporary Jihad Literature,” Nova Religio 6 (2002), pp. 7-44… …….  AT http://www.ozlanka.com/commentary/jihad.htm

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The Last Night [89]   He said: one of the Companions said: the Messenger of God ordered us to recite it previous to a raid, and we recited it, took booty and were safe. [90]

  1. Mutual swearing of the oath unto death and renewal of [one’s] intention.   *Shave excess hair from the body and apply cologne. Shower. [91]
  2. Knowing the plan well—all the angles, together with the [likely] reaction and opposition from the enemy.
  3. Reading/recitation of suras al-Tawba [9] and al-Anfal [8], and considering their meanings together with Paradise that God has promised to the believers, especially to the martyrs.
  4. Reminding the soul of hearing and obedience [92] that night [the “Last Night”] for you will be faced with what will cause it be less than 100% in its hearing and obedience, so spiritually exercise its purification [the soul], understand it, subordinate it and incite it [to good works] at that time. The Most High said: “And obey God [93] and His Apostle and do not quarrel among yourselves lest you lose heart and your strength dissipates. And stand fast, for God is on the side of those who stand fast.” [8:46]
  5. Staying the night [praying], pressing onward in prayer, divination (jafr), strengthening [ones self], [obtaining a] clear victory, [94] and ease of heart that you might not betray us.
  6. Much remembrance [of God], and know that the best way of remembrance is to read/recite the Noble Qur’an—according to the consensus of the knowledgeable people so far as I know. It is sufficient that it is the Word of the Creator of heaven and earth—to whom you are going. 
  7. Purify your heart [95] and cleanse it from all uncleanliness. Forget and become oblivious to that thing called “this world.” The time for play is over and the appointed time for seriousness has come. How much of our lives we have wasted! Is it not [right] that we should occupy ourselves during these hours with advancing in acts pleasing to God and obedience?
  8. Let your breast be open, tranquil to the bounty of God because it is only a few minutes before the happy, satisfying life and the eternal Paradise begins in the company of the prophets, the upright people, the martyrs and the righteous, may God have mercy on all of them. We ask God of His bounty. Be optimistic, because [Muhammad]  “loved optimism (fa’l) in everything he did.” [96]
  9. You should consider how—if you fall into temptation—you will be able to resist, remain steadfast and recover. You know that whatever happens to you would never detract from you[r spiritual level] and whatever would detract from you would never happen to you. This is nothing but God’s test in order to raise the level [of your martyrdom] and to expiate your sins. You can be certain there are only minutes left until the merit will be clear—with God’s permission—of that great reward from God. The Most High said: “Or did you suppose that you will enter Paradise, before God has known who were those of you who have struggled, and those who were steadfast.” [3:142]
  10. Remember the Word of God Most High: “You were yearning for death before you actually met it. Now you have seen it and you are beholding it.” [3:143] And also remember: “How many a small band has defeated a large one by God’s leave. [God is with the steadfast].” [97] [2:249] And His Word Most High: “If God supports you, no one will overcome you; but if He forsakes you, then who will be able to support you after Him? And in God let the believers put their trust!” [3:160]
  11. Remind yourself of the prayers—and [those] of your brothers—and contemplate their meanings (morning and evening devotionals, [the devotional of entering] the town, the devotional of traveling, and the devotional of meeting the enemy [in battle] ). [98]
  12. The expectoration (from the soul, into a siphon; [99] and the clothes, the knife, your personal belongings, your ID, your passport and all of your papers).
  13. Check your weapon before you leave and again before you leave. “Sharpen your knives so as not to cause pain to your sacrifice.” [100]
  14. Tighten your clothing tightly around you. This is the way of the pious forefathers. They would tighten their clothing around them previous to a battle. Tighten your shoes well. Wear socks so that your feet will fit in the shoes and not come out. All of these things are circumstances of this present [world]. God suffices for us, and what a Guardian!
  15. Pray the morning [prayer] in a group, and meditate on its merit. Repeat the devotionals after it [the prayer], and do not leave your apartment without performing the ritual ablutions.

Continue to pray […] [101] Read His Word: “Did you, then, think that We created you in vain and that unto Us you will not be returned?” [23:115] surat al-mu’minun [102]

Then you begin the Second Phase

When the taxi is taking you to the a[irport], then recite the devotional of travel, the devotional of [entering a] town, the devotional of praise and other devotionals.

    When you have arrived and you see the a[irport] and have gotten out of the taxi, then say the prayer of  shelter; every place you go say the prayer of shelter in it. Smile and be tranquil for this is pleasing to the believers. Make sure that no one of whom you are unaware is following you. Then say the prayer: “God, make me strong through your entire creation,” and say: “O God, make me sufficient for what You wish,” and say: “O God, we place you on their [the enemies’] throats, and we take refuge in You from their evil,” [103] and say: “O God, make for us a barrier before them and one behind them, and then fool them when they are not looking,” and say “God suffices for us; He is the best Guardian” in accordance with His Word Most High: “Those to whom the people said: ‘The people have been arrayed against you; so fear them.’ But this increased their faith and so they said: ‘God is sufficient for us. He is the best Guardian.’ ” [3:173] [104]

    Then you when you have said it, you will find matters straightened; and [God’s] protection will be around you; no power can penetrate that. [God] has promised His faithful servants who say this prayer that which follows:

1. [They will] return with grace [from God] and His bounty [105]

2. Evil will not touch them

3. [They will be in] accordance with the grace of God

The Most High said: “Thus they came back with a grace and bounty from God. No harm touched them; and they complied with God’s good pleasure. God’s bounty is great.” [3:174] All of their devices, their [security] gates [106] and their technology will not save them nor harm [anyone] without God’s permission.                           

    The believers will not fear it [death]; only the followers of Satan will fear it—those who at the core are fearful of Satan, and have become his followers. The servitude belongs to God, for fear is mighty servitude towards God, [making certain that one is] turned only towards God—praised is He and Most High—and He alone is worthy of it. Those who said—fearing to perish—the verses: “That indeed is the Devil frightening his followers…” [3:175] [those] who are impressed by the civilization of the West, those who have drunk of hell; it has given them to drink together with cold water (?), [107] and they have feared its weak and perishing abilities: “…but do not fear them and fear Me; if you are true believers!” [3:175] Fear is inside of God’s followers, but the believers do not look other than to God, the One and Only, who has everything in His hand and the power of the people. [108] The most certain form of belief is that God will overturn the guile of those unbelievers, for the Most High said: “That was done, so that God might foil the machinations of the unbelievers.” [8:18] Then you must remember the most important of all the [possible] remembrances, and that is that it must not be lost upon you to remember the statement “there is no god but God.” [109] For if you said it 1000 times none would be able outdo it—even if you were silent[ly praying] or if you were remembering God [out loud]. Of the greatest [remembrances] are the words of [Muhammad] “Whoever says: ‘There is no god but God’ truly in his heart will enter paradise.” [110] Or as he said with the same meaning: “If the seven heavens and the seven earths were placed in one palm and ‘there is no god but God’ in another palm then ‘there is no god but God’ would outweigh them all.” [111] You should be able to consider the awesomeness of this statement when you fight the “Confederates” (al-ahzab). [112]

    The one who considers it will find that there are no pointed letters—this is a sign of perfection and completeness, as the pointed words or letters lessen its power. [113] This is made perfect by the repetition of the word of the unity [of God] with which you affirm to your Lord through fighting under its banner as did the Messenger of God. It is incumbent upon Him to raise them [to Paradise] on the Day of Judgment.

And additionally, do not show outward signs of embarrassment or nervousness, but be joyful and happy, open of heart and calm because you are going towards God’s welcome and His favor; then this will be a day—with the permission of God—that you will finish with the houris (women) in Paradise:

Smiling towards the face of the perished one (dead): O youth

You are coming to the Gardens of Eternity

In other words, you are going towards it [paradise], and saying: “We are coming towards you!” with remembrance and prayer: “God is with His servants, the believers, to protect [them], ease [their way], guide [them] and to make certain of the victory in everything.”

The Third Phase

When you board the plane, the first step you take as you enter should be to give the prayer and the  supplications. Visualize that this is ‘going out in the morning’ in the path of [God] as [Muhammad] said: “Going out in the morning and coming back in the evening in the path of God are better than this world and all that is in it” [114] or whatever he would say. When you place your foot into the p[lane] and take your seat, then say the devotionals, and give the prayers as a good deed to God as we have mentioned previously. Then stay occupied with the remembrance of God—maximizing it. The Most High said: “O believers, if you encounter an enemy host, stand fast and remember God frequently, that perchance you may prosper.” [8:45] Then when the p[lane] starts to move toward liftoff, and it begins to advance f[orward?], [115] say the prayer of the traveler, because you are traveling towards God Most High—and how blessed is this journey!   

    Then you will find it stop and then take off. [116] This is the time of the meeting of the two groups, [117]and  so pray to God Most High as the Most High mentioned in His Book: “Lord, fill us with forbearance, enable us to stand fast, and help us against the unbelievers,” [2:250] [118] and His Word: “Their only words were: ‘Lord, forgive us our sins and our excess in our affairs. Make firm our feet and grant us victory over the unbelieving people,” [3:147] and the word of His Prophet: “O God, Revealer of the Book, Mover of the clouds, defeater of the Confederates (ahzab); defeat them and grant us victory over them. O God, defeat them and shake them!” [119]   Pray for victory for yourself and all of your brothers, and that they might strike their targets. Do not be afraid to ask God that He would grant you [the rank of] martyr, as you advance without retreating, patient and hoping for God’s reward.

    Then each one of you should prepare to fulfill his part together with the one with whom God is satisfied, and to clench his teeth just as the pious forefathers did previous to entering into battle. [120]

    At the beginning of the confrontation, strike in the manner of champions who are not desirous of returning to this world, and shout: Allahu akbar! (God is great!), for this shout causes fear to enter into the hearts of the unbelievers. The Most High said: “[And when your Lord revealed to the angels: ‘I am with you; so support those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve.] So strike upon the necks and strike every fingertip of theirs.” [8:12] You should know that the Gardens [of Paradise] have been decorated for you in the most beautiful way, and that the houris are calling to you: “O friend of God, come,” after dressing in their most beautiful clothing.

    When God requires one of you to slaughter, go to it as if [the order] came from their father and mother for it is necessary for you. Do not dispute, but listen and obey. When you have slaughtered, loot those whom you have killed—for this is one of the Ways (sunna) of the Chosen One [Muhammad]. But he made this conditional upon being certain that no one would be occupied with looting, and consequently abandon that which was more important: watching the enemy—whether [they are occupied with] trickery or attack—this danger is much greater. And if it is thus that they are led according to the necessity of action, and if the group does the opposite to the action of the individual, then forbid him because the action […] [121] the Way [of the Prophet Muhammad] (sunna)—and necessity overrides the Way. 

    Do not take vengeance for yourself, but strike every blow for God Most High. This is in accordance with `Ali b. Abi Talib [122] who fought one of the unbelievers in [a spirit of] vengeance against the unbeliever and the latter pressed upon `Ali, and he brandished his sword, and then struck him and then struck [again]. When the battle finished, the Companions [of the Prophet] asked him about this action—why was it that he had not struck [back at] this unbeliever, who had struck him and struck him again. `Ali said: “This was because I was afraid that I would strike him in vengeance for myself, so I lifted my sword [only in defense],” or whatever he said. [123] Then when he had summoned [correct] intention, he went and struck him [the unbeliever], killing him. “All of this was my religion [124] in the hands of God, seeking to do well to myself before God, so that this action would be for the sake of God alone.”

    Then follow the law regarding prisoners and pay very close attention to them, fighting them as the Most High said: “It is not up to any prophet to take captives except after too much blood is shed in the land. You desire the fleeting goods of this world, but God desires the Hereafter, and God is Mighty, Wise.” [8:67] [125]

    When everything is finished according to what is planned complete that which you have begun, striking whoever resists in the c[ockpit] [126] or in the p[lane] and the c[abin], remembering that this action is for God, Exalted and Lifted Up. The brothers should not become gloomy because of what is imposed upon them, but proclaim good news to them, calm them, remind them [of God] and give them courage. How beautiful that the man should read/recite verses from the Qur’an! According to the Word of the Most High: “So let those who sell the present life for the life to come fight in the way of God. [Whoever fights in the way of God and is killed or conquers, We shall accord him a great reward]” [4:74] and His Word Most High: “And do not think those who have been killed in the way of God as dead; [they are rather living with their Lord, well-provided for]” [3:169] and others that are similar, or declaim them just as the pious forefathers would compose poetry in the midst of battles to calm their brothers and to cause tranquility and joy to enter their hearts. [127]

    Do not forget to bring a little portion [of food?], a coffee cup or a glass of water for yourself and your brothers to drink so that it is easier for you, as now the True Promise is near and the hour of victory comes.

    Open your heart and part your breast as a greeting to death in the path of God; be always remembering [God], and renew your prayer so that it will be easier to follow just before the [sight of the] goal causes one to waver and let your last words be: “There is no god but God and Muhammad is His Messenger.”

    After that—if God wills—there will be the meeting [with God] and the opening into the mercy of God. When you see the masses of the unbelievers, remember the Confederates (al-ahzab), whose numbers were approximately 10,000 thousand fighters [128] and how God gave victory to His servants the believers [Muslims]. [129] The Most High said: “When the believers saw the Confederates, they said: ‘This is what God and His Apostle have promised us, and God and His Apostle are truthful.’ And it only increased them in faith and submission.” [33:22] [130]

Prayers and peace be upon Muhammad.

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    The common denominator that connects the ideology of all jihadists and martyrs is their unwillingness to contextualize the text and textualize the context at the same time. That needs a multidisciplinary training which traditional religious learning does not offer.

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