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Mapping the Relationship between Sri Lankan and Tamil Diasporas with Communities in Sri Lanka

Many Sri Lankans and Tamils living outside Sri Lanka share deep relationships with communities in Sri Lanka. While complex, these relationships are grounded in a profound commitment to the communities they call their own; a commitment expressed by the various ways that the Diaspora assist communities in Sri Lanka in overcoming difficult challenges. In the past few months, members of the Sri Lankan and Tamil communities living outside Sri Lanka have begun exploring the possibility of working across cultural, ethnic and geographic boundaries to develop initiatives that benefit all communities in Sri Lanka, using this genuine commitment to communities in Sri Lanka as a foundation for these conversations. Migratory-Birds

If you are a Sri Lankan and/or Tamil living outside Sri Lanka, you are invited to be a part of these conversations.

As a first step, this informal and voluntary survey helps us understand your relationship with those living communities in Sri Lanka. We hope to use this understanding to design innovative mechanisms that we hope will enable you to directly or indirectly help communities in Sri Lanka to respond to systemic challenges.

These mechanisms cannot be designed without your input! 

This survey was designed by EpiCentre Ventures on a pro bono basis with the assistance and input of members from the Sri Lankan and Tamil communities in Australia, Canada and England as well as civil society groups in Sri Lanka. We have no affiliation with, or have received any monies from any community group, government, political party or not for profit to develop this survey.

While many questions in this survey may be thought provoking, this survey should not take long (15 to 20 minutes). It also has a unique feel and functionality which should allow you to move through it more quickly and enjoyably than traditional surveys.

The survey shall close on June 1, 2015.


While we encourage you to be a part of this initiative, your privacy and security is important to us. You will not be asked to provide your name or other identifiable information linking you to your submission. You will also not be required to answer the majority of questions.

Our aggregated analysis of the survey will be released by September 1, 2015. This aggregate analysis may be publicized and/or shared with third parties to develop partnerships between those living outside Sri Lanka and those living in Sri Lanka. No individual survey results will be released publicly or shared with third parties.

Any contact information you provide is optional i.e. you will not be required to provide it. If you choose not to provide your contact information, your information shall be anonymous. If you share your email address, your email address will be added to our mailing list to keep you updated about the status of this project and to ask if you would like to be involved with building this initiative.

Any contact information you provide will not be shared with any third parties without your prior consent.

Regardless, please do not provide any information you are not comfortable sharing. 

TO PARTICIPATE go to survey.epicentre.ventures

For any questions or clarifications, please follow us on Twitter (@epicentre_vntrs) or email us at info@epicentre.ventures

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