The Real Consequences of Islamic Indoctrination, Mind-Set and Logic, with 24 Items for Discussion and Debate

Ibn Wirriq**

With the ISIS caliphate jihadists re-enacting most of the 7th Century activities of Muhammed during his conquests in Arabia now in the 21st Century, [mainly initiated as a result of the violent Sunni-Shi’a divide and the Syrian civil war], such actions could only come from indoctrinated beliefs which have formatted the minds of all ISIS  jihadists and their tacit supporters. Other groups also gain their attitudes for violent jihad action to establish Islamic supremacy over all non-Muslims around the World from such indoctrination. That is the reality of the World situation today.

This critical evaluation does not arise from  attitudes of “Islamophobia,” but develops from the evidence of what can only be termed “Islamoreality” in all its forms, which in fact means, like it or not, that “Islam Is As Islam Does.”  The World needs to be aware of this as a fact! The 57 nations of the OIC also need to be aware of the truth of this assessment and stop their continued state of denial and demands for severe penalties for any negative comments or criticism of Islam and blasphemy and do need to seriously consider and enact an Islamic Reformation.


A segment from Egyptian President al-Sisi’s New Year statement on “Thinking” displays this need: “Is it possible that 1.6 billion people [Muslims] should want to kill the rest of the world’s inhabitants—that is 7 billion—so that they themselves may live? Impossible!”  Maybe that statement in its full context will just be the catalyst to start an effective call for that Islamic Reformation World-wide? [Note: al-Sisi says “Impossible!” yet he could have added “Immoral” for greater effect?] And Turkish President R T Erdogan recently stated “There is No Moderate Islam-Islam is Islam! “This again indicates that “Islam is As Islam Does” by default. With the current discrimination of and purging of non-Muslims, particularly Jews and Christians. in so many Islamically-dominated nations in Africa, the Middle-East and parts of Asia, and the continued influx of Islamic refugee migrants to most Western nations, the struggle to preserve Western civilization will increase and continue as those migrant numbers and their descendants increase, with the potential to create “an enemy within” despite the many denials. [ taqiyya” in action again?]

Thus the 24 items below do have real significance for all peoples of the World and need positive resolution for both Muslims and all non-Muslims. Addressing the need to halt the drive towards Islamism around the World and the continued radicalization of its youth via its current content,nature and methods of indoctrination, especially from the internet, may be confronting and difficult for many Muslims to support an urgent reformation of all Islamic ideology. Yet the items listed below must be presented openly for consideration no matter how distasteful they may seem to most Muslims. [and to many Western “politically correct” politicians and others] Some contentions apply directly to different Islamic holy books and texts, while some others espouse humanitarian understanding of the contemporary impasse in the light of known Islamic doctrines, directives and ideology.


The following 24 ideas in distilled capsule form are proposed as the foundation for a critical analysis of Islam in the modern World today.

1 A comparison between the Meccan verses and the abrogating Medina verses of the Koran and its consequences.

2. The nature and content of Islamic indoctrination and the basis of jihadism.

3. The origins, nature  and extent of Jew hatred by Islamists and all their tacit supporters as well as Muslims in general.

4. Discriminatory and lethal Koranic directives against all non-Muslims.[as per the claimed direct words of the Muslim god, Allah]

5. Assessment of  positive and negative aspects of Muhammed’s life and its implications for the World.

6. Validity of the Miracles claimed in the Koran.

7. Personification of Allah and the alleged communications with Muhammed and the roles of angels and jinns.

8. Pinpointing and reflection upon all the contradictory verses found in The Koran and their implications

9. The implications of taqiyya and abrogation of Koranic verses on Islamic  youth, both male and female and its converts.

APPEASEMENT and its CONSEQUENCES for Western societies.

10. Wahhabiism and Salifism and their implications and the role of Saudi Arabian finance promoting Islam in the World.

11. The need for World-wide halal certification and its revenue bases and all its financial implications for Western Civilization and possible Islamic indirect control of most of the World’s secondary food production.

12. Exposure of FGM, honour killings and arranged child marriages, apostacy, and ALL their effects on Humanity in ways comprehensible for Everyperson.

13. The issue of Islamic dress in Western nations, its motivation and implications for all women and Western society.

14. The status of non-Muslims in Islamic majority nations and  implications of dhimmitude and jizya for them.

15. The validity of the concept of martyrdom as it is presented in popular jihadist fare, embracing the image of the 72 virgins held out as a carrot for male jihadists — surely an act of deception?

16. Sharia law and its effects for Islamic women in general, and its attempted introduction to Western nations by an aggressiverefugee minority who “fled” from Islamic discrimination or violence in their home nation. Thus, in effect an assessment of Islam as a “totalitarian ideology” rather than a strict religion. This survey should embrace a study of the Islamic migrants’ dependency on Western welfare systems and the exposure of their double standards in this sphere.

17. The claim of “No compulsion in religion” quotes in the Koran and follow-up statements to such quotes.

18. Implications of Muhammed’s directives and blasphemy related to his name. The validity of Fatwas and the legalities of revenge within Islam.

19 The implications of the Sunni-Shi’a divide and its lethal violence, and the implications of Islamic refugee migration on the Western societies.

20. A critical review of all Monotheistic beliefs and their validity right back to Abraham. And a pursuit of the proposition that religion in general has no monopoly on ethics and morality as seen from an Islamic perspective.

21. An emphasis on tolerance of all other religions, while yet pressing the contention that that ALL can’t be right and that ALL might just be wrong….. while  pressing the argument that Islam is an ideology rather than as a basic religion.

22. Emphasizing the virtue of human rights in general and the human right of every person be free to choose any religion or be of  no religion at all.

23. Islam’s claim of superiority and all others being of inferiority….quotes to that effect in the Koran.[and there are many] And the claim that Islam, as the direct word of Allah, is above comment, criticism or change and is eternal in nature, and the very real implications of that claim.

24. Indoctrinated beliefs and choices related to chances of birth to family, ethnicity and nationality and religious or ideological identity and indoctrination, and how this affects the Islamic attitudes, mind-set and logic. Ego identification with particular doctrines and its consequences.

All the points above can certainly be developed into fuller items for analysis, discussion and debate in order to generate  a positive set of changes within Islam in the World today so as to secure a humanitarian resolution of the series of crisis we face NOW.

Signed:  Ibn Wirriq 

** Ibn Wirriq is an Australian of English and Scottish lineage, with one line entering Australia way back in the 19th century. He has assumed a pseudonym because of familial concerns. The editor encourages responses and critiques.


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