A Bloomberg Boost for Sri Lanka

Influential global media house to add Sri Lanka to its international release of Economic  Forecasts

Sri Lanka’s profile for business and investment will get a big boost shortly when the world famous and influential premier source for business and financial market news, Bloomberg includes the country into its global service providing economic forecast.

The Bloomberg’s Economic Forecasts (ECFC) tracks eight macro-economic indicators including GDP, inflation, unemployment, current account, budget deficit and interest rates. At present Bloomberg ECFC coverage has over 80 countries and territories.
“Very soon we will be including Sri Lanka in our ECFC service which is available in our Bloomberg Terminal subscribed by over 300,000 worldwide,” Bloomberg’s FX Application Specialist Stephen Jonathan told the Daily FT on the sidelines of the Invest Sri Lanka Forum in New York, which he moderated. ECFC is also available via www.bloombergbriefs.com.
Plans to include Sri Lanka were shared by Jonathan during his opening remarks at the New York Forum attended by over 150 US based fund managers and investors. He said that data on Sri Lanka will be updated as and when required especially when new information is released.
The New York Forum last week as well the series of Investor Foras held in several parts of the world – London, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, Mumbai were in partnership with Bloomberg.

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