Galle Fort in British Times

Courtesy of the Australian National Gallery

Galle Fort rooftops-resized Fort ramparts 1890s-RESIZED

P2 P3local fishermen in yesteryearPics from 1940s by Lincoln Pereira

SEE Galle As Quiet as Asleep by Norah Roberts, Colombo: Vijitha Yapa Publications

AA--Burgher Tennis Club Burgher Tennis Club 1930s


                                                                   By     NORAH ROBERTS


SECOND EDITION with new cover from the classic mural painting of Galle Fort & Port in the 19th century by Donald Friend as well as 33 new images at the end of the book including

  • Capt. Bayly’s billiard room at Closenburg, 1966
  • Fort rooftop skyline & Church Street, 1890s
  • Rampart waterline by Luxshmanan Nadaraja
  • Dutch Presbyterian Church & other pictures by Dominic Sansoni
  • Central bus stand, cricket grounds and Fort walls after the tsunami as back cover

Colombo: Vijitha Yapa Publications, 2005

499 pages                               ISBN 955-8095-85



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