The Burghers in Sri Lanka: A Hunt for Photographs

 The VOC heritage in Sri Lanka: The Dutch Burghers of Ceylon 1640 -2015

 I. An Appeal from Nina Van Dort:

Dear Burghers,  …….. Our team members will be in Melbourne from the 13th – 20th February 2014, Australia for 8 days collecting images. We are staying with Roger and Norreen Wright who are so kind to put up with us .Once again the team would like to ask your kind assistance , as we are on the look-out for more images which will be presented  at the 2015 Burgher Heritage  Exhibition in Amsterdam.

Since we equipped with a camera, scanner and gadgets, we have the capacity to scan photographs at your homes if desirable and/or feasible.  Kindly   spread the word around.  My contact address is

NINA VAN D ORT Nina is in black 4th from right as you face the pic The Exhibition team plans to bring the exhibition in 2016 to Asia.

·        Colombo, Sri Lanka, in 2016

·        Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2017

·        Singapore city, Singapore   in 2017

Thank you, Kind regards

NINA VAN DORT, Member of the  Exhibition Committee  & its Manager/Coordinator

II. The VOC heritage in Sri Lanka: The Dutch Burghers of Ceylon 1640 -2015


Maritime Museum Amsterdam, Nederland

 The Royal Tropical Museum: KIT, Amsterdam Nederland ,

The KITLV Leyden Koninklijk Instituut voor taal-, land, en volkenkunde

CBG, the Central Bureau voor Genealogy , Den Haag Nederland ,

National Archive Den Haag Nederland,

Malaysian Arkib Negara Kuala Lumpur Malaysia,

Colombo National Archive Sri Lanka

The State National Archive  Bruges Flanders

The National Archives Tonier

The State National Archives of Antwerp

The National Archives Kew Richmond ,UK .

Dr.Roelof van Gelder [historian]

Drs. C.A. Martijn.Maarleveld [colonial & VOC historian]

Dr. Lodewijk Wagenaar [VOC Historian]

Drs. Jan van Rosmalen [KITLV Leyden]

Dr. Nonja Peters[ Historian Australia ]

Dr. Malcolm Budd Jansze [ MD]

Dr.  Jean Gelman Taylor [Historian Australia]

Dr. K.D. Paranavitana. [Professor/ Historian Sri Lanka]

Dr Roelef van Gelder [Historian ]

Associates of the exhibition

–  The Dutch Burgher Union ,Reid Avenue Colombo Sri Lanka.

– The Sri Lanka Embassy in Den Haag [Sri Lanka patron] Nederland

– The Malaysian Embassy in Den Haag,  Nederland

– The Melbourne Burgher Association. Australia

– The Perth Burgher Association, Australia

–         Brisbane Burgher Association, Australia

– The Sri Lanka- Netherland Stitching, Den Haag Nederland

–         Malaysian -Netherland’s Association [VNM] Nederland

–         Selangor Eurasian Association

–         Malacca Portuguese Eurasian Association

–         YMCA, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

–         Sri Lanka Department of Culture .Colombo

–         Austrian Embassy Den Haag Nederland.

–         Victor Melder, Sri Lanka Library Melbourne, Australia

–         Maria Moser : grafik, design / con:gas kreativteam Wien Osterreich

–  Martin Luter Kerk Amsterdam : Reverend Andreas Woehler


NINA TEA PARTY at Nina’s tea party  Dutch-Church-Sri-Lanka Wolfendhal Church, Colombo north

PS: and of course if you have specimens of 19th century etchings, of the calibre produced by JLK Van Dort, well, then, they will be snapped up. See for instance his caricature of Kandyan chiefs PL 29 Van Dort's

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  1. The Amsterdam Burgher Heritage Exhibition Foundation presents:::

    VOC heritage in Asia : The Dutch Burghers of Ceylon 1640 -2016

    3rd December – 9th December 2016 , at the BAA in Melbourne .

    Venue : The Burgher Association Community Centre at 358 Haughton Road, Clayton. VICTORIA Australia

    The Heritage Exhibition will be hosted in 4 other cities
    • 2017 Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia

    • In 2018 Jakarta Indonesia . In association with the ANRI at the de Klerk house

    • in 2019 Colombo Sri Lanka at the Dutch Burgher Union Colombo

    • 2020 May , Amsterdam Netherlands

    The accompanying: Exhibition Book launch will be presented during the opening ceremony
    Amsterdam .

    [Member of Exhibition Committee : Manager /coordinator] : VOC Heritage in Asia : The Ceylon Dutch Burghers 1640 -2016
    Exhibition Heritage Committee Amsterdam 2016: The Ceylon Dutch Burghers
    VOC heritage in Asia : The Dutch Burghers of Ceylon 1640 -2016

  2. Dinesha Dasanayake

    I am searching about burghers in Sri Lanka. Specially about women in Dutch period. it is for my thesis. I need to know social, economical and political appearance of Dutch women in early history. also about their education, what they ware likewise.anyone who like to give information please post me a email. I am hoping your help. . thank you.

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