Recognising Victor Melder, an Extraordinary Sri Lankan

Archivist and Sri Lankan Patriot  and  a Railwayman Extraordinary

VICTOR MELDER + ESTHER Victor Melder and ESTHER — who has sustained him through hard times and good and without whom his labours would not have been feasible. … an appreciation by lovers of Ceylonese and Sri Lankan lore … Victor’s ‘travels’ began with the Rhythm of the Wheels and he is still on the move –with benefits to so many of us.

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  1. Reginald Manen

    My mother’s maiden name was Melder. She was born 13 Dec 1927 and grew up in Madras, later marrying Patrick Manen and moving to Calcutta. I am in SriLanka till 23 Aug 18. I just spent 3 days in Galle unsuccessfully trying to track down some of Mum’s very early relatives. I move to Colombo to Movenpick hotel on 14 Aug 18. Can you enlighten me please. My mum is 91 yrs and my Dad passed in 2013. we live in Newcastle Australia. Thank you
    Reginald Manen

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