Tamil Demonstrations target Sri Lanka at the Champions Trophy at Cardiff


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**** A SEQUEL … Sujeeva Nivunhella, “Nominal fine imposed by Cardiff court on pro-LTTE ‘pitch  invader’, “ Sunday Island, 22 July 2013, http://www.island.lk/index.php?page_cat=article-details&page=article-details&code_title=84033

The pro-LTTE activist, who invaded the pitch during Sri  Lanka-India encounter at the ICC Champions trophy semifinals on June 20, was  fined by a court in Cardiff last week. The Judge fined Manimaran Sadasaramorrthy alias Logeshwaran  Manimaran a nominal 250 Great Britain Pounds (GBP) and an additional 85 GBP as  court costs and 25 GBP as victim surcharge.

The Sri Lankan government was not represented at the trial of  this key LTTE figure who invaded the pitch carrying an Eelam flag at Cardiff  Cricket Grounds. At the hearing in Cardiff, Prosecutor David Cooke told court  that the suspect gave a false name and date of birth on his arrest. He also had  previous convictions for dishonesty. A father of two children, he is  unemployed.

Sri Lanka earlier sought Interpol assistance for the arrest of  Sadasaramorrthy (42) against whom Colombo Chief Magistrate Gihan Pilapitiya issued  a warrant as the suspect is wanted in connection with withdrawing cash from 10  Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) of several private banks in Sri Lanka using  fake credit cards. He is alleged to have defrauded around Rs. 3 million from two  leading private banks alone. After comparing the visuals recorded in the CCTV cameras in the  ATM cubicles and the pitch invasion photographs,  Sadasaramorrthy was identified  as the culprit.  The suspect is also being sought by the police for a similar  fraud in Thailand. He had given the slip after allegedly defrauding millions  from banks using forged credit cards. Reports said the suspect also operates under the assumed names  Sudeswaramoorthy Yasodaran, Narayana Swamy Mohan, Mohanraja Subramium and Edwin.

“The time is opportune to appoint a Defense Attache to the Sri  Lankan High Commission in London to deal with cases of this nature”, observers  commented. “It is more than one year since the former Defense Attache Major  General Prassana Silva left London”.

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  1. nuwan

    The LTTE emigres, Backed and Supported by the LTTE int Entity and its outfits such as the So called British Tamil Forum..who openly funded this agitation by paying for the Coaches and the LTTE flags no doubt the Lunches as well.. not a spontaneous protest..didn’t realize it totally backfired.. Even the Indian and British Fans together Booed these Terrorist supporters.. and some Indians Fans not Lankans wanted to beat them up as well..But the most hypocritical part most of these LTTE emigres will be on the next sri lankan Air ways planes back to sri lanka for the Land Grab which was confiscated under the LTTE.. some even bribe LAnkan officals to put false Land deeds to displace other Native Tamils who Lived in sri lanka under the LTTE Brutal regime helped by the LTTE emigre money.. What baffles me is why done these LTTE emigres Protest outside LTTE Tamil Emigre shops which sells sri Lankan MAde Goods???????I suppose the LTTE int Entity Such as the British Tamil Forum and other groups similar around the developed world would loose a huge portion of its Funding…

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