Military Memoirs as a Historical Genre

Yuval Noah Harari

FULL TITLE: Military Memoirs:  A Historical Overview of the Genre from the Middle Ages to the Late Modern Era


ABSTRACT of Article: The article surveys the history of military memoirs in the west from the Middle Ages to the late modern era. It examines the relation of military memoirs to other literary and historiographical genres, such as conversion narratives, service records, and oral life-stories. It focuses in particular on the rising visibility of memoirs composed by common soldiers and junior officers. The article then analyses the historiographical importance of this genre, and the unique contributions it can make to the study of military history.It emphasizes the genre’s relevance to the study of military command, of military culture, and of the experience of war.

This article can be found in War In History 2007; 14; 289. The online version of this article can be found at:

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