Adele Balasingham highlighted as “Aunty Tiger” by London Rag in mid-2009

Amar Singh, in Evening Standard,4 June 2009, under the title “Aunty’ to female Tamil Tigers runs London protests from New Malden”

 Pic is from a BBC documentary entitled “Suicide Killers” screened in 1991 and shows Adele with a senior Tiger commander

A Tamil terror chief who allegedly handed cyanide pills to child soldiers is living in a Londonsuburb, the Standard can reveal. Sri Lankan intelligence officials believe Adele Balasingham, 59, is one of the most senior figures in the remains of the terror group which fought a 26-year war for independence on the island and was defeated last month. They claim she has played a key role in organising protests by Tamils outside Parliament and want Britainto take action against her. Sri Lanka‘s government believes Tamil Tiger leaders abroad are raising funds and procuring equipment which could be used in fresh attacks.

Adele outside her house in 2009 Mrs Balasingham lives in a £500,000 house in New Malden, Surrey. She is the widow of Anton Balasingham, a Sri Lankan with British citizenship who was the chief political strategist of the Tamil Tigers until he died in 2006. Mrs Balasingham, an Australian-born nurse, met and married him while he was living inLondonin the Seventies. She became deeply involved in the Tigers’ cause – ending up as the leader of its women soldiers and nicknamed “Aunty” on the island. An undated video of Mrs Balasingham, showing her in camouflage fatigues and presiding over a parade of female child soldiers, has been circulated to confirm her status as one of the movement’s most influential figures. The female Tamil Tiger fighters, some thought to be as young as 14, have completed three months of training. She is seen presenting them with cyanide capsules to be worn on a necklace and swallowed if they are about to be captured by troops.

Her presence in Britain has increased tensions between Britain and Sri Lanka, which believes the Government has been “too soft” on Tiger associates since banning the group in 2001. A senior Sri Lankan High Commission source told the Standard: “Given the association of Mrs Balasingham with the senior ranks of the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) she could be seen as a sole survivor. “She was involved in taking major decisions in the hierarchy of the LTTE and there is a possibility that supporters will rally around her in Britain. “We believe the Parliament  Square protests were organised directly from the Tamil Tigers leadership… and Mrs Balasingham has been a main point of contact in the UK for this.”

Rep resentatives of the Sri Lankan government are to meet Scotland Yard and the Home Office in the coming weeks for talks on the Tigers’ presence inBritain. There are fears a new faction of the Tamil Tigers could emerge, fuelled by anger over the number of innocent people killed by the Sri Lankan army in its offensive against the militants.

Mrs Balasingham, who rarely leaves her four-bedroom home, declined to speak to the Standard. In her 2001 book The Will To Freedom: An Inside View Of Tamil Resistance, she wrote about staying as a “guest of honour” with Tigers’ founder Velupillai Prabhakaran. Scotland Yard said they were unable to comment on ongoing inquiries


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8 responses to “Adele Balasingham highlighted as “Aunty Tiger” by London Rag in mid-2009

  1. padraigcolman

    What’s she up to these days?

    I see London house prices are still silly despite the austerity. Half a million for four bedrooms in New Malden!

  2. It probably isn’t worth that much, these days.. but Aunty’s a regular guest of honour at the LTTE Heroes Day Events in London.

    This is from 2010:

    See if you can spot other famous politicians also attending including Ken from page 2 onwards.

  3. padraigcolman

    My stepdaughter lives in New Malden. I wonder if she bumps into aunty at the supermarket or at Tupperware parties.

    My wife’s siblings are looking for a house for the aged parents in Croydon and there’s nothing less than half a million.

  4. The phrases “aged parents” and “Croydon” should never appear in the same sentence. I strongly urge them to look elsewhere 🙂

    Not all of this is true, but enough is:

  5. padraigcolman

    I lived in Croydon before I escaped to County Cork while I still had some faculties. Croydon must have the unfriendliest pubs in England (apart from Teesside). The Waterstones shop was OK and I used to buy The Idler there. Thank you for putting me in touch with it again. I have signed up for their newsletter.

    I moved to Croydon because my current wife lived there. Before that I lived in Lewisham (Blackheath Greenwich side) and before that Wimbledon/Merton Park where I often exchanged greetings with Ronnie Wood in the Leather Bottle pub.

    The APs currently live in Thornton Heath which is probably crapper than the more sylvan outreaches of Croydon.

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  7. Adele Balasingham should be charged with Crimes Against Humanity. The fact that the British government continues to protect her from justice reflects poorly on British politicians and the British police.

    • kalobaran

      and what about the monster rajapakse in your own island? what impression does it convey about the sinhalese electorate that made this criminal the head of their country?

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