Sinhala-Tamil strife: We are only small step ahead of Neanderthals now

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The global exposure of war crimes committed is an ongoing sicking and depressing saga. It is now difficult to call yourself Sri Lankan. Discussions happening in news groups’ twitter and other social networks are further exposing our true nature to a world that remains revolted by what they have just seen on TV.

Fights are no longer local. They are global. The internet has now made it possible for everyone to participate in it. The prevalence of digital technology and video sharing is now making it possible to share human experiences beyond boundaries. Thanks to this, the war crimes of the Sinhalese army is getting exposure that rivals the worst atrocities committing within living memory. Sinhalese atrocities could not have had better exposure. Many Tamils understandably are happy that it is now exposed. But, they should not – because 99% of the people in the world cannot tell the difference between Sinhalese and the Tamils. We look the same and worse, for those who know us both – we behave just the same.

Why the expat Tamil elite is also responsible: The world did watch what happened and the mass jubilation that accompanied the government’s victory. But it did not watch preceding events that could have prevented It, namely the atrocities of the LTTE while enjoying unwavering support almost Tamils. I like to argue there that the Tamil community (outside the tragic spectacle) is partly responsible – for putting its people between two murderous forces. Let me explain why.

The single most important reason why the international community did not act was because the war was to finish off a fascist organization, one with a long record of war crimes against its own people and against the Sinhalese.Indiadid not act because the over educated Tamils inSri Lankafelt it kosher to kill their prime minster for the “cause”.

Rare was the Jaffna man who considered the assassination of the Prime Minister of India an act of monumental stupidity. Rarer was theJaffnaman who had anything to say about Tamils killing Muslim and Singhalese civilians. What was left of the Tamil political leadership, decimated by the LTTE, could only point to the atrocities of the Singhalese.India, feared by Sinhalese as a historical of the Tamils, helped the Sinhalese to get rid of a common menace. Sadly, the government’s claim that many Singhalese (army) live were sacrificed to save the Tamils – is true.

Given the atrocities of 1983, the Tamils abroad had a choice of organizations to support. They seemed to prefer the most ruthless of them all because “they could deliver the goods”. They closed their eyes to all abuses even within this organization and within the Tamil community. They kept celebrating its spectacular “bang for the buck” , for the astuteJaffnaman “there was value for money” in LTTE. Finally, it was the limited peace initiated by the UNP that that fissured the LTTE and not the efforts of those who claim credit for it.

Sinhalese traditionally got a bad rap: I wonder if any of you have met in school, boys and girls who are consistently picked on by their teachers for their behaviour. Sinhalese history helps them little. Vijaya banished from India on account of his un-acceptable behaviour lands in Sri Lank, continues the same. Worse still, it is chronicled in the Mahavamsa – without remorse. There is further evidence of bad behaviour from many contemporary writers who have had the displeasure of meeting them. Thankfully Robert Knox left some positive statements – that were taught to us in school.

Other than that, they remain perpetual psychological victim of the world misunderstood, blamed by Tiger Terrorists and unfairly treated and now put on a global media trial – from which there is no escape. The damage is colossal and irreversible. From now on, for the Sinhalese victim hoods is the only source of solace. Victimhood worked well for Tamils in helping them turn a blind eye towards their own criminality.Victim hoods helps in embalming your mind, because once you are a victim only others are to be blamed.

Twittering Morons: We confuse the western world. Because in their eyes only dictators can be moronic. Its usually some really real bad dictators who does bad things to his on people or other people. But almost the natives of the island the behaviour is slightly different. It is not in the distant past the Singhalese experienced the atrocities of their army in their own backyard – which would have made even better footage. But then the same people are able to celebrate a tragic spectacle on their countrymen who speak another language.

Now this is very confusing. Westerns hate to believe that the Neanderthals are still around. Scientific evidence is that they were long gone. But then, if you log on to any blog or twitter in particular – it unleashes a greater fear. That they are around – right amidst them. Travelling in their trains, working in their companies and twittering too; spewing hatred and displaying mental capabilities well below the human average.

The Real Winners: The real winners here are the Tamil Expatriates – who supported the LTTE. They are no longer burdened to prove the bestiality of the Singhalese to the world – which they themselves experienced in 1983. Their children are doing well, going to good universities . They have good jobs too. Also, their family was not featured in Chanel4. They have done well for themselves. It is only because they were not too enthused by western sport they supported LTTE instead of Manchester United or Boston Red Sox. Channel4 now proves them right. The Sinhalese are not people whom you can live with. Their reputation as people is now beyond redemption.

Our place in the world:We are now in a situation of global exposure that would certainly erase in anyone’s mind our claim to civilisation both past and present. The war was partly fought to preserve our distinctive culture which each felt was different and superior to each other. But perhaps now, except to the dullest minds – it is clear that there is very little value to this idea. In fact, both Tamils and the Sinhalese require a serious overhaul if they hope to again be regarded by the world as acceptable and capable of understanding norms of behaviour that are not revolting.

The exposure here can do us good – provided that it is not one-sided. Perhaps it will bring forth the realization that we are only a small step ahead of the Neanderthals’ in our ability to warp logic, deny reality and delude ourselves.

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