Sangakkaras visit St. Patrick’s College, Jaffna

Rev. Fr. Jero Selvanayagam, the Rector of St. Patrick’s College, expressed sentiments of happiness and excitement of the staff and students at the surprise visit of the Sri Lanka Captain. Rev. Fr. Rector said that it is a great moment of encouragement not only for the Cricket of the College but for everyone interested in Cricket. His visit to Jaffna is an encouragement for the the youth and the students are very inspired by his concern to his the College and meet. The Rector commended the Captain for his sterling qualities of leadership that had brought for the outstanding performance for the National Cricket Team.


The Sri Lankan Captain, Kumar Sangakkara was very much moved by the rousing welcome given to him by the students of the North and in his speech appreciated the upcoming talented cricketers from the North.

It is high time that we shed our differences and live together as a family belonging to Mother Lanka. I would be most happy to see soon cricketers from the North and East playing in the National Team and this will be a great symbol of unity in the country that could be fostered through the game of cricket. We are all ambassdors of unity and peace. I am really happy to come to Jaffna and to the St. Patrick’s College and meet the students of North.”

Sangakkara never lost the opportunity to move around and speak to the students of the College, who were pressing around either to shake hands with him or to get his signature on their books.

   WebEditor’s NOTE: The article i received only highlighted Kumar Sangakkara’s role. But to me it is important to note the rpesence of his wife, Yehali sangakkara as well —hence my title. The two photographs below are my additions, the first taken by AFP  and found in after the World Cup and the second by myself at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel where the team were housed during the Cup series.

Yehali Sangakkara with their twins and aide at The Cinnamon Grand, late March


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  2. Sandunie

    Even more proud of Sangakkara for making such a visit, just proves how a real Sri Lankan should act at this moment in time!

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  7. bharathi

    very good gesture of this young cricketer! let Peace prevail in the land.
    god bless all.

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