Sachin and Sanga Compared …. And, Then …..


While this summary review presents some revealing statistical data, it is quite invidious and does not methodically dissect the circumstances surrounding their cricket careers or the minutiae pertinent to particular milestones. That both were inspirations to their countrymen and countrywomen goes without saying. ….. and they still remain inspirations today.

Kumar Sangakkara is perhaps more in the limelight today as a commentator in the playing fields of England. His erudition stands out. But bias underlines this note: I know his parents and their histories and count Kumar and his wife Yehali as friends.

From this grounding I can confidently assert that what separates Kumar from the vast array of cricketing stars is his (A) erudition and (B) his ecumenical efforts to bridge communal differences in his homeland. Witness …. nay, pursue details, …. relating to his visit to St Patricks College in the Jaffna Peninsula in April 2011 with his wife Yehali beside him. In the circumstances of Sri Lanka’s recent politics THEN –two ears after the LTTE separatist project had been crushed – this was an important gesture.

Visit these items and, in their light, feel free to inject your thoughts on the topics addressed by this Thuppahi item: …………………….







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