Sex, graft and veils at Jaffna University

John Ratnathurai, in the Lanka Guardian online, witha different title

I read Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam’s long piece containing rather incoherent thoughts rambling between my piece, her own achievements and problems and other extraneous religious matters. There are also factual errors in her response which need not detain us here. Ms. Paramsivam is obviously talented. She is an activist and I admire her for it. What I seek to focus on, however, is her inexcusable excusing of the pursuit of pleasures by Prof. Shanmugalingam which she implies were not “seen and/or known to have interfered with his work, or in breach of rules.” Unfortunately this lascivious behavior by Council members and senior academics does interfere with work when for example a) the grades of students rely on compliance with requests for sex or b) girl students handing in assignments have their hand handing in papers grabbed and kissed by Prof. Shanmugalingam and they cannot respond for fear of getting low grades.

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2 responses to “Sex, graft and veils at Jaffna University

  1. perinbanayagam

    I think we need to read Ms Gaja Lakshi Patramesvaran’s original piece to make full sense of this article by Ratnathurai.
    Where can we find it?

  2. Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam

    Dear perinbanayagam,

    My article is at

    The heading is Vice Chancelors and Toddy Tappers


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