KP’s Appeal for Aid for the Tamil People in Sri Lanka through NERDO

Web Site Editor’s Preamble: This letter under the official letterhead of NERDO with the typed authorship of “T. S. Pathmanathan,” was sent to me by a Tamil activist in Australia who has been in touch with KP and is assisting one aspect of his programme, namely, teaching former Tiger students sitting for GCE exams.

                                                                                                             July 27, 2010

 Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to invite you to become a partner in our effort to alleviate the hardships of our people in the post-war rebuilding and empowerment, of the war victims.  Every nation has their own share of their own problems. The problems of the Tamils must be dealt by all people at home and abroad.   Be assured that our objectives are humanitarian and also would strive for self-respect, brotherhood, just peace, eradicate poverty and self-reliance.

 We need your help. We need it now. We need your physical, intellectual and financial contribution. We need your advice and plans. We want to count on your experiences and effective execution of this mercy mission.

KP as best man at Pirapaharan’s wedding in Tamilnadu

We will cooperate with you to devise project plans. We will assist you in the execution of the projects, monitor the milestones and finally successful delivery of the projects. We will report you on the account regularly and audit the projects. You will have the democratic choice to select the project for the best interest of the people. You can visit the project location and see for yourselves and even run the projects. Transparency of the projects is assured.

 Our people endured an inhumane war in their history of Sri Lanka.  Post-war challenges after the bitter war, loss of lives and limbs & trauma perpetrated untold sufferings have paralysed normal life. However we as people, have to rise beyond the adversity and need to march forward for the emancipation of all and to live in equality, security, self-respect and peace.

 The needs of our people are enormous. Everyone has a role to play from orphanages to elderly homes, enhance the lives of physically-challenged to mentally-challenged, from relief needs to rehabilitation needs. Please join us if you have the desire to make the change in the important phase of our history.

Our younger generations have missed a lot in education for decades. Urgent action is required on education from primary schools to adult education, from vocational training to technical training. Absences of educated and skilled workers disable the development of the society. Without professional education and training we will have no one to take forward the rebuilding of our people. There are thousands of incarcerated Tamil youths who need to be educated professionally to lead a normal life, to develop the socio economy of the war affected areas in order to bring back normalcy in each and every victim’s life.  This is our main task.

 Many widows and disabled seek your support for livelihood projects. The people of Vanni and Vakarai had been impoverished in their own land and others in those areas have left now. Many people are living below poverty line. Unless the active support arrives in time for these victims, they can be driven to despair.

They have hardly any savings left to start their life again.  The continuing adversity is dampening their enthusiasm and the only hope they have is you. If you cannot help them, who else can?

 Yours faithfully,





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  1. Srikrishnarajah

    It is sad that only one cry is heard in the wilderness.

    I hope I will have enough money to contribute to the well being of the North and East Fellow Brothers and Sisters.

    God Bless the mission of one man’s destiny.

  2. Please check

    let us know if we can help in anyway.

    email me at

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